HEY! TD users, I have a question for you...

  1. HEY! TD users, I have a question for you...

    Those of you who know me, know 2 things:

    I'm a mad scientist who's always experimenting with new things.

    I've made about a zillion different transdermal carriers.

    With that in mind I wanted to get some feedback on spray gels vs pump gels as TD carrier vehicles.



    Familiar format (they're what people are used to)

    Consistent pump output (most come with a pretty good metered pump)

    Ease of use (glob some into your palm and slather where desired)


    Greasy (they tend to leave a noticeable residue, especially on your hands)

    May not always deliver active ingredient(s) effectively (not trying to throw shade at anyone here; even pharma compounded creams/gels are not always effective: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/908618 "Compounded Pain Creams No Better Than Placebo" )

    Tend to hold lower concentrations (to get an effective dose you often have to apply quite a bit)



    Thinner carrier usually leaves little to no residue (less greasy feel after using)

    Tried and true in terms of effectiveness (liquid transdermal carriers, often administered as bandaid-like patches are a more "proven" method of effectively delivering the active ingredient which is why you see this method used so often in pharmaceutical products)

    **Can** be more concentrated than creams or gels (This you usually see with the bottle and dropper type liquids where a typical application is 1-3 ml. There's no reason a liquid in a bottle and dropper couldn't be sprayed on instead of drip-dropped on)


    Not everyone has good aim (I've heard of people having issues with "missing" themselves with the spray leading to wasted product and annoying mess)

    Not so tasty (I've gotten a few complaints of people accidentally inhaling some of the spray )

    **Lots of sprays (Some spray products require a large volume to be applied over a large area of skin, which some people find tedious)

    These are just some of the comments I've gotten or even given as feedback over the years. I wanted to see what you guys think and which format you'd prefer for future products.

    Thank you for your feedback and please feel free to place your vote in our Facebook poll:

    The Mad Alchemist

  2. I prefer the pumps.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by jrock645 View Post
    I prefer the pumps.
    Thank you for your feedback!
    The Mad Alchemist

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jrock645 View Post
    I prefer the pumps.
    I gotta agree, mainly because its what I've used the most. After about a month though of your Eclipse product @nostrum420 I have absolutely no complaints.
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