1st cycle issue

  1. 1st cycle issue

    Hi all , first off, excuse me for any newb questions but I need some insight . Started my first test cycle, test cyp 500mg/week for 10 weeks(test only). Today was my 2nd shot and Iím noticing my libido is dropping and hard for me to get an erection. When I cum, the load is very small compared to before. Iím guessing this has something to do with my estrogen levels rising . I have Arimidex on hand but havenít used it yet because I have no signs of Gyno or water retention. Thoughts ?????

  2. Forgot to add, I’m injecting 250mg twice /week

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SeanVonBraun View Post
    Forgot to add, Iím injecting 250mg twice /week
    On only your seccond inject I would doubt it has anything to do with the test and look elsewhere. I know everyone is different but thats too fast for related sides. If it happened 2-3 weeks in I would understand

  4. Agreed, seems like a quick change. I would try the anabolic section for better responses.
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  5. try 1mg dex 3x a week or 1/2 mg

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jtbull View Post
    try 1mg dex 3x a week or 1/2 mg

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Smont View Post
    isnt it supposed to help with estrogen side effects?

  8. Bloodwork will let you know what wrong instead of guessing specially that you had 2 injections only


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