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  1. Family Board (and card) Games

    Anyone else into (real, not video) games with their families? My kids really like Monolopy; we have a few different versions as well (Call of Cthulhu, Philadelphia, and Pokťmon). For Christmas, they got Ticket to Ride (kids version) but we havenít played it yet. They gave me Pandemic for Christmas but itís too hard for a 6 year old and 8 year old I think. Or at least it was too hard for me to read all those rules/instructions when I tried. Iíll have to try again when Iím fresh. I want to get Arkham Horror eventually but Iím sure the kids canít handle that yet. We also love to play Pit (crop trading game).

    Anyone else love games? What do yíall play?

    For the record, I donít mean any gambling games...

  2. Forgot to mention, we played King of Tokyo at a rental game store and it was a blast. Definitely getting it for my son’s birthday!

    Also considering getting the Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu game. Looks much more interesting than the regular Pandemic game.

  3. We were three brothers and one cousin so we played the Game of Life often. It was well done and ideal for our age group and no. of players. Grade 1-5.
    For some reason we found the game Trouble a favorite.
    The other games we played were two player and a bit older age group than in the OP.

    Well I think Operation would still be a hit. So would Mousetrap for the younger set.

  4. I seccond mouse trap. Candyland too for young kids

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