Beard oil breaks chest out, sometimes

  1. Beard oil breaks chest out, sometimes

    -I use Cremo oil now(it seems ok)
    -Used to use bulldog(too greasy burned eyes bad)

    Sometimes it makes chest break out and well it kinda sucks.

    Are there better options preferably price and I believe there's an ingredient in a lot of oils that'll mess with estrogen I hear and id like to avoid that.

    Some guys make their hard is that ?

  2. I gave up on beard oils....I just use argon oil at this point
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  3. I use Detroit Grooming products. I've tried quite a few that smelled good, but didn't really seem to much for my beard until the Detroit ones. Like Young Gotti said, argan oil works by itself. Some mix it with jojoba, almond, or coconut oil.
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  4. Cool thanks....I will look n 2 it guys.

  5. @Young Gotti & @Aleksandar37
    Picked some up today and this is waaay better or either I'm just not having a good hair day, lol.
    Thanks guys plus I get 3 times as much for like 3 more bucks and thats at wal mart so I bet I can do waay better online and again I so much appreciate it.

  6. Meant to say maybe im having a good hair day.


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