FEAR. Quashing it with supplements

  1. FEAR. Quashing it with supplements

    Has anyone an experience quashing fear or anxiety (i know anxiety is a big one )

    Reason I ask, sometimes i have anxiety and heart flutters but i think back to times when i didnt and I was on a certain supplement (like a full on confrontation of say an Ex or boss etc.) and i had ZERO fear, laughed in the face of them and it, could be left in a a haunted house by myself and take it on! But, like today, id run a mile. haha

    Preworkouts/stims = fear/anxiety
    Estrogen control = reduce fear but then it comes back when drops too low
    DHEA quashes fear in low dose but high dose makes you emotional and so, fear.
    Passionflower, helps a little slightly sedative but not a confrontation supplement
    Too much DAA = fear.
    ISAtest - too much agression

    I guess, its a type of 'no fear, aggression'

    Just wondering what people expereinced, if they are naturally, not a meat head that fights everything.

    Im off to see the new conjouring prequal later, i wouldnt mind a boost!

  2. so far i have a stack ready for the horror film:

    b vits
    st johns wort
    omega3 probio

  3. I think your wanting to put a band aid on the problem. Fear is a natural human emotion. Tge question is what are you afraid of? And if fear is driving your life its most likely underlying and not something that a supplement can fix. I reccomend seeing a therapist. Seriously, nothing wrong with it and nothing to be afraid of
    Anima Vestra
    Anima Vestra


  4. This might be the first time I have heard someone use quash in a sentence.

  5. I like quash for Thanksgiving with melted marshmallows
    Anima Vestra
    Anima Vestra


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Godstrength View Post
    I like quash for Thanksgiving with melted marshmallows
    Gotta use sweet potatoes. I had steak and quash for dinner tho

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  7. DMBA / DMHA


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