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    Gíday everyone,
    First time poster here, Iím on my first cycle right now I started on the 18/05/18 with 40mg a day of Dbol and 500 mg of Test E split into 2 x 250 mg shots twice a week ( 1ml twice a week) an now the Dbol is gone I have added 400 mg of Deca ( 0.8 ml twice a week in the same barrel as the test) to my 500mg of Test E a week and Iím lovin it! Iíve got kids, so losing my nuts doesnít bother me, but Iíll inflate em with a bit of HCG while I cruise on 250ml of test e a week at the end of this blast. I havenít had any bloods done tsk tsk, Iím taking 0.5ml of lambo labs arimadex once a week an think that might be too much ? But Iíve got no problems, I take dexamphetamine all day everyday for ADHD and take Valium all day every day for PTSD, I noticed if I didnít take a couple of aspirin with my almost 2ml shots of Test and Deca oil my heart started pumpin funny LOL but the aspirin took care of that, Iím taking a double dose of fish oil a day every day to keep the good cholesterol from depleting , Iím eating clean 80% of the time, plenty of protein in chicken and shakes and white rice for carbs , snacking on fresh salad with chicken an sometimes processed ( whoops) ham , but will smash a Big Mac meal or 2 or 3 pies if Iím at work an starvin , Iíve lost my gut, and Iím packin on the muscle so Iím havin a win, anyone see me running into problems weaning back to 250ml a week of Test e an settling into my cruise after 16 - 18 weeks ? How long should I cruise for? I know there are bro science rules for time between cycles when doing pct but whatís the accepted time frame for cruising? Iím 41 I cant be bothered with the lows of PCT , Iíve accepted 2 pins in the bum a week for life is on the cards so cruising just seems to be a wiser option than pct for me. Iíll be sure to get Medicare funded TRT once Iíve ****ed my nuts enough to be eligible for it. Am I missing anything? An please only realistic replyís , Natty Joe an his moral high ground is so inspirational for teenage girls , but doesnít do much for me, I wanna hear from the Blast an Cruisers please?

  2. Would prolly get more help/info/responses in the anabolics section brother not being a d1ck justvsaying you should move it there a lot of people on here with tons of knowledge that won’t steer you wrong

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