Mood disorder support group

  1. Mood disorder support group

    Figured Iíd give it a shot to start a support group for people that have, live people that have, spouses, family members etc any mood disorders it seems to help when you talk to someone that deals with as well and sometimes thatís hard to find personally my wife has severe anxiety and bi polar disorder so as I would be here in the view of a ďcarerĒ I guess which can be really freaking hard sometimes lol

  2. I can understand. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Itís always one extreme or another. I have learned many coping methods and the best one was meditation. I stopped enabling others, as well as being passive aggressive. It was too draining. Now I just focus on myself and how I can improve every day. My mood is more stabilized and anxiety only comes every so often when I am unsure of something.
    If I live every moment believing, then the chaos in my heart will be a beautiful thing.-
    I am in love, but not in love with someone or something, I am in love with my life. And for the first time, in a long time, everything is inspiring.-

  3. Yea she was diagnosed by one doctor with borederline personality disaorder and then another said she wasn’t but Iv told her that her being as passive aggressive as she is not good but that still hasn’t changed she had been hospitalized three times in the past year for suicide attempts which thank god I was able to find her in time for each one but I kills me I can’t fix it and my kids don’t understand why she acts the way she does sometimes but it’s a work in progress if you don’t mind me asking what coping methods that you use and meds? We have still yet to find any that help her thanks [email protected]
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  4. Man you sound like a amazing person I’m sorry you had a rough life but you came out of all that strong that’s something to be very proud of a lot of people wouldn’t be able to cope very very strong person thanks for sharing
  5. Mood disorder support group

    I have OCD, panic disorder, depression, GAD, SAD unfortunately

  6. After years, about 13 years, of anti depressants and self medication. I have finally found one that works great for me. Sometimes good things take time.

  7. Man that sounds really rough sorry to hear have you had it for your whole life?

  8. That’s what I try to tell my wife but sometimes she doesn’t want to help her self and it sucks. What needed up working for you if you don’t mind me asking

  9. Iím diagnosed with bipolar 1, adhd and GAD, each of which affect my life in different ways. Iím finally on medicine that helps me, maybe even a little over medicated as my doc and I are trying to lower doses now... but the biggest thing for your wife will be when she realizes and accepts that she needs help and sheíll have to WANT to get better for herself not because you want her too or even for her kids. Itís a very personal thing and a very personal step that you have to take. I wish her the best though

  10. My mother is borderline and bipolar, I'll definitely partake in this group. The interesting thing about being raised by a borderline mother (besides the fact I turned out a bit narcissistic, kind of the male equivalent of BPD), is the fact I've mainly been attracted to borderline women, mainly due to the intensity of the relationship, but also because that's what I'm used to.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by RugbyBaller91 View Post
    Man that sounds really rough sorry to hear have you had it for your whole life?
    Yes I've always been functional but during my teenage years the gym really helped out.... It's crazy looking back on my perspective then in comparison to now. The hardest part was accepting the fact of being cateorgizated for myself and so self medication was the norm to cope before.

  12. Iv never even thought about that but I agree 100% I greatly appreciate your input and keep it going sounds like your doing well

  13. Wow that’s interesting but makes total sense how she coping with it?

  14. I am really sure that it would be hard to accept. How are coping now? And the gym seems like a really good outlet

  15. Wisdom comes with age. Life is good... Happy wife happy life bro


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