Not able to view pictures on AM app on phone

  1. Not able to view pictures on AM app on phone

    Was wondering if anyone has experienced this and whether or not they found a solution? When I see pictures or things posted I just see a broken image sign

  2. Iím having the same issue.

  3. Yea its annoying

  4. Hopefully a mod can get back to us with a solution?
  5. Not able to view pictures on AM app on phone

    Theyíre working on it
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  6. Okay good to hear thanks guys

  7. I can't either. I would love to be able to post pics too.
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    Developers have found the source of the issue in the app and should have a fix rolled out within the next day or so. It's a server-side fix, so you won't need to upgrade your apps from what I've been told.

  9. I'm on Tapatalk and the issue still persists.
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    It is working for many people - try clearing the cache on your app, logging out and then logging back in. Are you using Tapatalk or the AM app?

  11. Iím using the AM app on the IPhone and still have the same problem.

    Cleared cache and logged out/in
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    Ok, I will have them get back in and re-check. Currently on my own app it's working OK.

  13. Weird, mines working

  14. Closed the app and itís working now. Maybe it needed an adjustment period lol
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  15. Yea I just had to close it, update it in Google play, then go to storage and clear cached app data..

  16. Cleared cache and restarted Tapatalk, seems to be working fine now.


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