A vacation... Or was it?

  1. A vacation... Or was it?

    Hi guys... All good?

    Just got back from holiday (Canary Islands)

    We go thier at this time of year just to get a break from our weather (I live in Scotland)

    Well i am home today and i have never wanted home as bad as this trip...

    First evening thier i had my phone and wallet both nicked. I have never been pick pocketed and those folk must be crazy good at it i honestly wouldnt have guessed anything had happened. So my Samsung and 300 euros stolen! So that just set my holiday into a complete slump. Had to get money from a friend who was with me. It just spoilt the fact your thier as a holiday and also to relax.. Complete opposite. Bit angry i had even carried that much money around tbh. Never even thought about a safe etc as we had only touched down about 3 hours previous.

    Then 2 nights ago was out for a few drinks and the bars are just along the road. Within about 30 mins of my second drink i started feeling horrid. Big time. Heart rate was through the roof and eyes were all blurred and i was badly shaking. I managed back to the apartment and i could not sit at peace or even get 1 minute of shut eye. Can only assume someone had put something in my drink.. Honestly why do people think that is something to f*ck about with ? I had to go a small a&e the next day and got 2 pills to bring my heart rate and blood pressure down as much as it could. Was still sitting at 110 beats (Using my heart rate monitor on my watch). Has took me till today to feel semi normal. I have took party pills yearsssssss ago in my teens thinking it was the thing. I would never touch a drug again.That feeling is so awful. I probably will never know what was even in my drink but i have just had glass after glass of water just to try and flush my system as quickly as it can.

    Dont think i can train for a few days until my body balances itself back out. Im just gonna eat sleep and relax a few days then i will get a god diet and program back in place.

    So all in all... Not a holiday one bit! Bit upset tbh as i had such high hopes for it and a break was well overdue.

    Im saying it just now but i wont be back on the canary islands.. Its became a really unsafe environment.. I suppose loads of resorts will be similar also? Its put me off holidays in General.. Where we live. The north of Scotland is beautiful so i reckon we will just trip up north the next few years. Obviously our weather sucks but i have grown up in that environment and we can adjust quickly. Just doesn't feel as safe nowadays abroad.

    Anyone else had any horror holidays? A bet a few can even top mine off!


  2. We went to Ireland a year ago from the US. We had a fantastic time and want to go back or go to Scotland next time we cross the pond. Only real downside was my wife and I each took a turn with a 24hr stomach bug. Luckily on seperate days.

    That sucks about your trip.

  3. I mean, it beats having to sell your vacation back to the company to pay bills. Can't imagine someone putting drugs in my drugs.

    but in all seriousness that's pretty crappy, man. be careful when going to tourist locations. career criminals use this places to treat the vacationers as their proverbial "fish in a barrel"
    kaos weckt das beste in uns. ruhe in frieden bruder

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