Motivation material!?!?

  1. Motivation material!?!?

    Hey guys

    So I've been lacking that fire lately to push hard and through being tired. I have 3 young kids, my 9 month old has been sleeping so poorly (getting teeth) and waking up at 4 am everyday. I have so much I want to accomplish with goals of getting hired into career Fire.

    Any good motivational/inspirational audio books/books, podcasts, people whatever to recommend.

    I've gone through Arnold's book total recall and loved it. The Rock always posts good stuff. What else do you have for me?


  2. C. T. Fletcher...

  3. Anything from Mark Bell on The Youtubes

  4. Im in same boat bro, it sounds laim but

    Ultimate warrior "injection of inspiration" on you tube is pretty good

  5. Alex kekil? Spelling is probably off, beast fitness radio. Good for coaching advice. Danger and play is good for random advice on bodybuilding, life and finance, muscle experts podcast with Ben pak is good too. You always gotta sift through the bs but that's what I been listening too


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