Wwf/wwe 80s/90s wrestling

  1. Wwf/wwe 80s/90s wrestling

    Favourite wrestler of 80s/90

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Daff View Post
    Favourite wrestler of 80s/90
    Used to have an Ultimate Warrior action figure. He’s passed away, right?

  3. Hogan then Junk Yard Dog

  4. This is a few years ahead, but 2000-2002 Kane.
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    German Blood Pride.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jtmass View Post
    Used to have an Ultimate Warrior action figure. Hes passed away, right?
    Both Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man unfortunately has passed away. They where two of my favorites along side Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

  6. Most of the greats have passed away

  7. I go back to the 70's...my all time favorite was DICK THE BRUISER

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  8. Piper

  9. bushwakers...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Swindler View Post
    Good choice

  11. Legion of doom

  12. Stone cold macho, ric flair, terry funk, rick rude. Too big of a list.
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  13. Awesum

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Swindler View Post

  15. Late 80s/Early 90s

    I was a HUGE fan of Macho, Hulk, Jake the Snake, and Rick Rude

    Early 90s to 97 - Bret, HBK, Perfect, Razor

    97 to 2000s'

    HUGE fan of HHH (still am to this day), Jericho, and He who shall not be named lol
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