Who was at the machine gun shoot in Louisvile, KY

  1. Who was at the machine gun shoot in Louisvile, KY

    Man that was the craiziest thing I ever saw. Those artilery rounds were so freaken loud it shook the entire ground.
    I especially liked the mg42's the mp5's and of course those flame thowers were outright rediculous. I had never seen a minigun fired until this weekend and my goodness you couldnt even hear the individual shots it just sounded like a loud horn blowing. I bet that guy shot a few hundred rounds in a matter of seconds. I had a fun time though and ended up buying a tactical shotgun. I was proud to see all the pro-Bush people out there.

  2. what make of shotty, post apic if you can.

    edit: nm i just saw your other post in the other thread. nice gun, and not to bad of a price either.

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