crossing into the world of mass..

  1. crossing into the world of mass..

    Hey, I'm a 21 year old guy who has de3cided to make the transition from "just lifting" to bodybuilding. I am so psyched about it and what I can become, but I have a problem. everybody around me is really down on it for some reason..even some in my family. I'm not sure why it is but its like theyre trying to talk me out of it. I told my mom that i was making the transition and she was like "you don't need to do look fine. you'll get too big" and i was like WTF lol I've been trying to stay around people who can really support me on the issue, but i am not sure why anybody cares if I want traps halfway up my neck and a 50 inch chest or not lol. the other thing is that I was always the skinny kid, and now I want to go into this, and I just feel weird talking to other people about it and explaining what I want..even my trainer since its such a big change from what I am now. Still I am SO psyched about starting this and can't wait to see what can come from it and what I can be. you guys ever have these problems when you were starting out? if so how did you deal with them and do you have any advice for a new bb'er? thanks

  2. My only advice is to go for it. Do what you have a passion for you. Most often the only person who is going to believe in you is you. BB'ers are weird in the general publics eye, which includes your family. They don't understand "bulking" in the offseason. And "cutting". You have to do it for yourself and only you, otherwise you will never find what you are looking for. That probably didn't help you, but I tried.

  3. Don't let that lack of support stop you, I dealt with it. What matters is that you're doing what you enjoy. Also many people have the stereotype (at least in my family) that all bodybuilders will get "scary" big and be seen as musclehead freaks who don't care about anything else.

  4. Like IW said as well as Sifu - you just have to go for it and never look back. Most likely you'll get very little if any support. "normal" people don't understand the strict diets, 3 hr feeding times, supplementation and really just the overall lifestyle we try to persue. Your doing this for yourself and that's it your the only true support. It sounds like you might need a new trainer - trainers should engourage any goal a client wants to persue - Theres lots of good bros on this board that will support you no doubt and help you in your goals.

  5. Bodybuilding is for people with discipline - no doubt. My parents always told me to stop taking supplements when I first started because I'd mess my body up, but all I was on was weight gain shakes. People who discourage you usually mean well, but lack enough knowledge to really be trying to influence your decision. Like the other people said, "normal" people just don't understand, so ignore em. Do what you want to do buddy, and if you choose to bodybuild stick with it and never give up, it all takes time.

  6. thanks for the great motivation guys....damn i love this board lol

  7. Originally posted by GangstaJDog
    My parents always told me to stop taking supplements when I first started because I'd mess my body up
    That was one of the biggest things I heard from people, they even gave me **** for taking vitamin C & E LOL

  8. yeah bro I used to get all the **** too man....
    just go for it and stick with it.....

    now all I get is great compliments all around the board......and women love it too...........

    pretty soon they will all be jealous of you and you will feel great when you are big and ripped and all your friends and old buddies are fat slob, losers.

  9. Cortez (and everyone else)
    It is a big part of staying on track, that is to keep a positive attitude and not let others bring you down. It has been my experience, and I could stand on my soap box forever on this topic, that people like to see others that are stronger than them fail. Its always at work "Hey, were ordering pizza, or hey these cookies are for everybody" and when I turn them down its a guaranteed "why don't you LIVE a little" or "How do you eat the same stuff everyday" and my favorite "Health nuts kill me.." It makes me want to pimp slap the very same fat p.o.s. that said it. Its the same with bb. "they look so nasty.." Well I say **** you, I didn't ask your opinion, I'll come by and see you in the hospital when you've got tubes in you nose and I'm still healthy.

    I'll leave you with a couple of motivational quotes I have from Trevor Smith :

    "The world is full of psychic vampires and we tend to waste time even letting them occupy 10 seconds of our lives in some capacity. Life is too short to waste on anything but that which brings you ultimate peace and happiness and even if those things that do so are in conflict with something or someone that a loved one or a friend or anybody wants you to do or wants you to behave, you owe it to yourself to put your own wants and desires first. Otherwise, you will live a life that is unfulfilled and one that you will regret in the long run."

    "...the first thing we must do is learn to say "**** you " to everyone in our life who does not support or believe in what you have decided your calling is. Life is not about money, it is about creating and one of the things to realize is that if your doing what you love, you will have happiness and bliss no matter what.. rich or poor, but if you are following money all your life you may accquire it, but you will still feel empty inside, and if you lose it or fail to acquire enough of it you are really left with nothing."

    The latter deals with the pursuit of money, but is applicable to goals all things that make you happy. Since this includes your family, they can deal w/ it. They'll turn to whats really important soon enough, and thats your happiness. Amen.

  10. thanks tubbs, great quotes


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