Virale Mane or Minoxidil?

  1. Virale Mane or Minoxidil?

    Having hit into my 30's my hair went from being perfect to thinning in the space of 1 year. Classic male pattern baldness.

    If it gets too bad then i will just go for the shave off but... If i could get a few more years out of what i have then i would go for that

    Has anyone tried both of these and can report any more growth? I know Dsade is very knowledgable and i believe all his supplements are the best on the market. I am swaying more to the virale mane and running it for a long period to see how i get on.

    Can anyone also advice what else i could add to help?

    Currently im taking Saw Palmetto & Zinc to control DHT levels. Finasteride/Propecia is easily available and i could pick it up today but i hear far too many horror stories about that stuff. Would rather try more natural routes than take that.


  2. I've currently use both but started using minoxidil before getting the chance to use virile mane.

    Minoxidil is supposed to only work for the vertex (crown of ur head "bald spot" area) while virile mane works all over. After using generic rogaine for a year, I did not notice hair regrowth in the "receding hair line" area until I added virile mane.

    I'd start with trying virile mane and if the "bald spot" area gets worse, then add minoxidil.

  3. Used both and minoxidil has stopped the receding for the most part. Didnít notice much from Viril but I only used two bottles and then stopped so itís not a fair comparison. I do know he is in the process of a new formula. I think I just saw it a few days on his fb. His pics looked good from what I could tell. Dsade definitely puts out legit formulas.
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