EvoMuse Presents: Eviscerate SUPERNOVA (BETA WARNING)

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  1. EvoMuse Presents: Eviscerate SUPERNOVA (BETA WARNING)

    Tomorrow I will be making a very small batch of Eviscerate: SUPERNOVA™

    Supernova will work locally to convert those stubborn white fat cells into a gigantic heat array, rapidly leaning out even the most difficult areas.

    a-Eleostearic acid, the main driving force behind the unbelievably successful and most effective, original, phenotype altering formulas of the past decade (BRITE™), is driven into those stubborn areas causing a potent and long lasting leaning effect.

    With a molecular weight of just over 278 daltons, a-Eleostearic acid (from Bitter Melon Seed Oil) is the perfect candidate for localized delivery. I have developed a hybrid carrier, combining the effectiveness of the Eviscerate and the water-soluble ingredients with the Abliderate carrier for the more lipophyllic compounds, to form the Perfect Storm of fat annihilation.

    Included in the formula will be a boosted Aminophylline content, the very special compound Stearoyl vanillylamide, a potent TRPV1 agonist without the intense burn of Capsaicin. So while the name says SUPERNOVA, the only thing burning will be the fat - up in sweat.

    Joining the club will be the sulfated Glucosamine, in order to induce the fat cells in the area to become slightly insulin resistant and less able to fill up their bellies with ugly fatty acids.

    Eviscerate SUPERNOVA, in addition to being highly effective in the ab area, will do what few other formulas can pull off - targeting fat everywhere it tries to "hide". Hips/Butt/Thighs, upper arms, dreaded "pec fat", and even that nasty double chin.

    This is a BETA product. I need testers here, preferably mid twenties in bodyfat or higher, since the biggest criticism of topical fat burners is the myth that they only work in the "lean". Let's prove everyone wrong, here.

    I will also likely have extra bottles for sale, in case anyone else just likes what they read and want to guinea pig on themselves. Results, and especially feedback, will determine if Eviscerate:SUPERNOVA holds itself up to Evolutionary Muse standards and joins the most innovative line in the industry.
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  2. Will be looking to get my hands on this one for sure!
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  3. Hot damn that sounds awesome! I've enjoyed the Evomuse products I've ran in the past. I have a really hard time with my abs, and pecs to a lesser extent. Would provide before, and after pics as well as feedback during
    Black Lion Research Rep

  4. There will be yohimbe in this here product?

    Would buy, btw.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by NewAgeMayan View Post
    There will be yohimbe in this here product?

    Would buy, btw.
    We have no problems getting Eviscerate into the UK. This will be no problem either.
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  6. not mid 20's in bf (prob closer to 10-12 max), but always have very stubborn ab and chest/pec areas... if you wouldn't mind having someone a bit leaner try it out I'd love to give it a go!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Product Rep - db77 @ seriousnutritionsolutions.com

  7. put me down for 1 if there are any extra for sale (I like what I read...)

  8. Former slightly puggy athlete, got ripped after i stopped sports, let myself go due to injuries, and im trying to get back in to at least my former slighty puggyness. I would love to be a tester for anything you make as it will be fantastic. As ive used your stuff and all i have to say is hot damn they work.

  9. My love affair with Evomuse topicals will never end.

    Hopefully there are some left for sale

  10. Should I get higher BF just to beta test this? Hehe..

    Anyways, I have an upcoming cut in a month or two. I'm not 20+% BF, but I think I'm hovering around 15% right now (or I should be 15% at the end of my bulk)

    Either way, if you put it up for sale, I'm on board to just buy it anyway.

  11. would buy

  12. EU guys included ?

  13. In.....sitting at 23%-25% right now...time to cut supernova style !

  14. Would love to do this! Very stubborn fat left after a 2.5 year cut. Getting some progress with Brite/DCP/ Hard work, but this sounds fantastic. Sitting at about 24% with diet on point.
    Either log/beta test or buy it - I would like to be in on this.

  15. I would do like to do this! Lots of experience with transdermals, especially Evomuse. Also used Napalm and Vasoburn but Eviscerate is my fave. I'm lean everywhere except midsection. That layer covering the abs and love handles is always the most stubborn.
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  16. I'll buy Matt.
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  17. Ill buy some

  18. I would definitely buy it...!
    VL 10% Off Code: vujade10

  19. I'd love to try this stuff out. I'm definitely not the leanest guy in the world but, I am by no means fat haha. I'm interested to see how this product would help me lose some stubborn fat in my lower back/pec area. Can provide before/after pics and will log everyday if chosen. Thanks for the consideration.
    Use WES15 for 15% off at blacklionresearch.com

  20. I ordered two (let me know if there's not enough and I need to drop down to one).

    I've been on keto since March 1st, quit drinking while trying to lose weight, ratios have been on point, deficit is large but not too large, cardio most mornings, and have been using Rebirth, Eviscerate, Ammo, Brite, and just threw in DCP. I have been losing weight, but it's been a lot slower than I think it should be considering all factors.

    So might as well throw this in and see if it makes things budge. I'm in the low-mid 30s body fat wise, and will be using this on mid section, and butt.
  21. EvoMuse Presents: Eviscerate SUPERNOVA (BETA WARNING)

    I'm interested in buying a bottle. In the 12-14% but want to torch some stubborn fat.
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  22. Just ordered a bottle for some stubborn lower an and back fat. Can't wait.

  23. picked some up! Stubborn lower chest and lower abs ugh

  24. Grabbed 2. How many oz are the bottles and is application amount equivalent to E+?

  25. Grabbed one bottle. Need to see how this works.
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to


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