UR Spray - Any women finding success with it?

  1. UR Spray - Any women finding success with it?

    Hello - I have been using the UR Spray for about 3 weeks now, approx. 50 sprays a day. There are a lot of reviews out there for men using the spray and I was hoping that there a some women who could give their input on how it worked out for them before I place my 2nd order ( I ordered 2 bottles so am almost ready to start the 2nd bottom).

    Also, would a 17 year old girl be able to use it? She has started a 5x5 lifting program and has about 10 lbs to lose and would like to use it to enhance her results but I am not sure if there is an age restriction on it.

    Thanks for any input.

  2. No women using it?

  3. Subscribed. Will post my thoughts a bit later, pressed for time currently.
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  4. I have not seen many reviews for women but I dont see why it would cause any issues.

    Also for the 17 year old being that they are underage I cannot legaly recommend products for said person.
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  5. My girfriend loves it, but there are no reviews on it by females that I can find. I do remember some guys posting that their girls were having good results but its harder to search that way.
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  6. Hi I'm a newbie to this forum, so this is my first post, but thought I would add to this comment about women and UR spray. I used UR spray for about 4 months. I followed PN recommendations and dosed the 50 sprays 2x a day, in am and after shower in pm. I saw about a 5lb increase in muscle mass. Took about 4 weeks to start noticing the difference. I saw a decent increase in size in my back/shoulders/quads/glutes, which for me was pretty remarkable since I had never seen such a quick increase in size (my body is pretty slow at muscle development and also fat loss). I had started eating strict keto about 6 months prior to starting UR spray so my protein intake was pretty low at the time. Overall I was highly impressed with how I reacted to UR spray. I saw fat loss too, but it was the lean gains on a mostly fat diet that was interesting. I had no side effects from the UR spray either. After about 4 weeks I decreased my dosing to 40 sprays once/day. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again. Good choice for females that want to gain some lean mass and maybe cut a little fat. It is a good tool to use with a clean diet and weightlifting.

    I have also tried 7-spray. I liked 7-spray, but saw the greatest change with UR spray. Ketoforce and UR spray are my favorite PN products.

  7. Thanks for the feedback we appreciate it!
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