DS Triazole/ Activate/ Lean Extreme Stak

  1. DS Triazole/ Activate/ Lean Extreme Stak

    Hello guys,

    I'm Alex and I'm 27 (over 10 years of bodybuilding in total). I've also earned a cervical disk herniation during those years, but this is another story, I'm decently OK now.

    This is my first DS stak and I have a few questions for you.

    First of all, the reason I'm taking this is to lose some fat. At this moment my stats are 188cm/ 108 kg/ 16% BF. As you can see, I'm quite big. If I can add some strength and mass, it will be marvelous, but a drop in BF is my interest.

    From what I've read, I decided to do like this:

    week1-2: Triazole (1 in the morning/ 1 in the evening) - not 3 because of the hernia and other joint problems but we'll see about this.
    week3-4: Triazole (1/1), Activate (2 in the morning / 2 in the evening)
    week5-6: Activate (2/2), Lean Xtreme (1morning/ 1 before WO - 1PM/ 1 evening);
    week7-8: Lean Xtreme (1/1/1).

    I'll see also about Lean X dosing, since 3 can be to rough on my joints.

    Q1: Today was my first day. The problem is on 11th of September I'll go in vacation in Barcelona/ Calella for 10 days. So I only have 6 weeks and 3 days till then, not 8... I want to be in good shape in vacation, since I'll go with my girl at the seaside. The problem is I won't have where to train. Also, I don't want to finish the cycle right before the vacation, because of the drop in Test etc. that will make me really moody and it is not ok on vacations. What do you suggest? To respect the cycle and take the Lean even if i won't train (maybe some walks and body-weight)? To reduce the cycle at 6-7 weeks and keep some Triazole to take in vacation to be sure I won't be moody? I have some experience with Animal Stak / T100 Olimp and after the cycle I'm always moody and I don't look ok for a week or so (water retention etc).

    Q2: Since I fallow the Intermittent Fasting Diet, training at 1PM on my empty stomach and eating from 2PM to 8 PM, I'll still have to take the pills in the morning, or my morning will be right before training?

    Q3: It is better to take Lean Xtreme 1 cap before/ 1 cap after training to keep the COrtisol levels low?

    Thank you guys!

  2. Any ideas?

    It is my third day on Triazole - one in the morning and one in the evening. My joints are o bit rigid, but I'm ok and I'm thinking on taking 3 caps per day starting tomorrow.

    Yesterday was chest day and strength was down a lot from what I'm used to. I've only managed 250 lbs for 8 reps on bench press. I usually do 320 lbs - 6 reps - 2 sets. I hope it is only because of the flu I've got... Anyway, it was a bit disappointing. The good news is that I was really pumped after the training, so I guess it is OK after all. It is soon to talk about strength gains, but I hope I won't have days like yesterday with less strength.

    Hope to give me some advice regarding the questions in the first post. You have experience with this stak.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. so ITīS worth a try ?

  4. thats not a cycle. thats a stack. there wont be any test supression because none of those pills are exogenous hormones, so dont worry about that. just ride it right up till when you leave

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