I like triazole but..

  1. I like triazole but..

    Why do you put curcumin in it? There is alot of contradicting resarch on it and the majority point at it being counter-productive for muscle building purposes. Its SERM like properties are vague at best, it does nothing to reduce circulating estradiol levels. It is a weak 17beta-HSD3 and 5-alpha reductase inhibitor at very high doses, but enough to raise concern. It reduces antioxidative stress and inhibits COX-2 at relevant doses.

    So why? Curcumin does indeed have positive effects on cognition and general well being, but triazole is not a nootropic. People take triazole to boost testosterone levels and increase muscle mass.

  2. I see your point above and I'm not knocking it or your concerns. But honestly I think you may be overreacting to it. There has been similar research said about simple vitamin C. Yet I would not stop taking it because it "may" slow the progress of muscle growth. I've used triazole on two occasions. And each time made noticeable improvements on strength and mass gains. While still having joints that I could bare with lol. So I see your point. But doesn't the good outweigh the bad in this instance.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  3. Im not bashing on triazole, i think its great. I just dont see how curcumin fits the profile of the supplement. Its not really like vitamin C because VC is anti-inflammatory through reduction in oxidative damage response. Curcumin is a direct inhibitor of cox-2 much like NSAIDs.
    I like the overall profile of triazole but curcumin really sticks out like a goose among ducks.

    Right now i am currently stacking it with x-factor, so you can see why this may be a problem.

  4. I feel where your coming from brother especially with the addition of x factor. And I appreciate your concern. But from my perspective I actually like the inclusion of the curcumin. and I haven't noticed any negative effect on muscle gain.

    Just my .2cents
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

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