Aeoliantru's 4 week cycle of T-1

  1. Aeoliantru's 4 week cycle of T-1

    Beginning stats 11/3

                        Unflexed   &nbs p;  Flexed                         234 pounds @ 18.2%BF

    Bicep    & nbsp;  13.5"    & nbsp;    & nbsp;  15.75"

    Chest    & nbsp;  42.75"         &nb sp; 43.5"

    Quad    &n bsp;   22.25"&n bsp;    &n bsp;    23.75"

    Calf    &n bsp;    &n bsp; 15"    &nb sp;    &nb sp;     15.25"

    Forearm    13"    &nb sp;    &nb sp;     13.75"

    Waist    & nbsp;   39" 

    I  used two squirts a day, left arm and chest at noon and right arm and chest at midnight.  I cleaned the area well with isopropyl alchohol before applying.  I shaved the areas as well.  Initially I experienced some blotchy red spots after application, but this cleared up by the fourth day.  I also began using creatine at the beginning of this cycle.  The only side effects I noticed were mild acne and a scary increased libido.  I had no problem sleeping, no hair loss and I swear I never lactated.  Within the first week I noticed strength increases and better pumps.  Strength increased dramatically over the following three weeks.  As for size, the stats speak for themselves.


                         Unflexed&nbs p;    &nbs p;     Flexed                                       &nb sp; 244 pounds @ 15.9% BF

    Bicep    & nbsp;  14.5" (up 1")    &nb sp; 16.5" (up .75")    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp; Gained 10 pounds and lost 2.3% BF

    Chest    & nbsp;  44" (up 1.25")    45" (up 1.5")

    Quad    &n bsp;   24" (up 1.75")    24"(up.25")

    Calf    &n bsp;     15.75"(up .75")   15.75"(up .5")

    Forearm   13"(same)   &nb sp;    &nb sp;   14.25"(up.75")

    Waist    & nbsp;  40.5"  

    At the beginning of the fourth week I started developing blotchy red spots much like I did at first, but these were much worse.  I stopped applying to my chest and just applied to my arms.  Now my arms are rashy bumpy nasty ass.  So, needless to say my before and after pics will be posted once this clears up for it is funky.    This was my first cycle and I learned a lot from trial and error.  I'm already planning on how to improve my next cycle.  Overall, this is easily the best supplement I have ever taken.  I'm hitting the ZMA for a month and then I'm doing another T-1 cycle.  

  2. I forgot to mention that I was following the original T-1 application with t-gel anywhere from a half hour to an hour after.  

  3. How is the post cycle coming along?

    Are you keeping most of your gains? ANyways, your gains look impressive!! good job!

  4. I'm taking ZMA every night and keeping my calories up.  I'll measure again this Sunday and see where I'm at.   

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