1-test/4ad 4 week results!

  1. 1-test/4ad 4 week results!

    Hey Guys,
    I am on the second last day of my cycle here is the info:

    start weight: 188lbs (all weights, empty stomach in morning)
    end weight: 198lbs

    Arms grew over 1/2" and almost hit 17"

    Waist, 1 inch below belly button gained about 1/4" at about 34.5"

    My shoulders, back and chest really grew.

    My shoulders really pop out now, they were always pretty good, but they look pretty sick when I wear a shirt now too.

    I have had a lot of great feedback, especially in my overall gains from summer.

    After dieting in summer I was at about 177lbs, I have gained a bit of weight on my abs, but they are still pretty visisble, but i'm 20pounds heavier!

    I am going to do something else in jan, i will post some pics and hopefully you guys can suggest some cycles for me
    ENTH/ EQ or winny, 1test/4ad, we'll see

    oh, i'm 22, 5'9", bf% about 10-12

  2. coo man. your stats (5'9 22 years old) are exactly me. Im at 167-169 though, at about 9% bf. (but havent measured bf in a while) nice job on your cycle. one question though, how long you run your cycle and what you stack? (was it just the t-1 or t-1pro?)

  3. i did a 4 week cycle

    6g 1test
    4g 4ad

    in spray form

    It worked pretty well, i'd do it again

  4. Here comes a stupid question I think: Is the "spray" different than the "squirt" transdermal??

  5. Originally posted by gettin'old
    Here comes a stupid question I think: Is the "spray" different than the "squirt" transdermal??
    no its the same, although curt2go uses a slightly dierent recipe that BDC. Curt2go = spray, BDC = squirt.

    Only thing i do notice is that when you spray it on.... you lose some to the surroundings, but its far more convenient to spray to squirt!

    the squirt is a little wierd cause you cant really put it directly on application site, so you have to put it on your hands, and then it gets messy and i am sure you lose some transferring it from one to another.

    Personally, i don't mind either, but there are pros and cons to each. One of the things iwth spray though is that, when i put in on my chest and traps.... its so close to my face that i constantly sneeze, coz some of it gets in my nose....
    Maybe i can get some more absorptoin through my nose, so i try to get it all in

  6. Interesting. Is there a product all ready to go on the market that is a spray rather than a squirt. It seems if I can use a spray and won't have to put it on my hands and rub it all over it will be much safer for the baby and also easier to hide from the wife, heh, heh.

    Who sells a quality spray and what is it called?


  7. No one in the USA sorry. But you could buy a t1-pro or something and put it into a spray bottle very easy. That is what I would do.. Talk to ya...
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