3rd cycle Test E 500/wk (1gram front load) + Anadrol 50mg/wk

  1. 3rd cycle Test E 500/wk (1gram front load) + Anadrol 50mg/wk

    Follow along for my 3rd ever cycle I致e run of anabolics to see how I respond, what my results are and how I deal with any issues that may arise. Keep in mind my main goal is strength over aesthetics (although I知 not trying to become a fat slob). I compete in the 220 weight class in powerlifting.

  2. Today marked day one of my 3rd cycle of anabolics. I started today off with a 500mg injection of Test E and 25mg of anadrol. I plan on taking another 25mg dose about 4 hrs before I hit the gym to keep my serum levels high going in to my training. Wednesday I値l do my 2nd Test injection of the week with another 500mg dose so as to front load my cycle. I知 in full meet prep now (week 1 of 10). So I知 timing this cycle perfectly. I値l be dosing aromasin again this cycle to control estro sides since anadrol is notorious for aromatising heavily. I値l assess my aromasin dose as needed to control sides, but I値l start off with 12.5mg per day.

    I値l post more updates on Wednesday after a few days of training And my second injection.

  3. Sounds great! Enjoy and good luck with your competition, keep us updated!

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