Iml M Sten/Epi Andro 6 week cycle log

  1. Iml M Sten/Epi Andro 6 week cycle log

    Ok,i decided to do a log as it seems all the reviews or cycle logs i can find on the net seem to be by a moderator of a site thats sponsored my the ph company or someone that works for the ph manufactor,a 15 yo or someone that has no clue what their doing and last,but not least a guy thats on test e or everything else under the sun.No pun intended that will be my next venture after pct as i want to compare the two.I used to train hard for 9-10 years,but i haven't done anything in the last ten years besides work,drink,smoke and eat like ****.I had some really ****ed up circumstances that made me come unraveled.Death of my kid,just an ass load of things.Aside from the unhealthy life style i led i was blessed with hellish genetics and my body never went to ****.I've been sober 6 months and 3 weeks ago decided to start training again,so i hired a really good trainer and have been hitting it 5 days a week 1-1.5 hrs a session and doing cardio on the days off and 20 mins of cardio after workouts.I changed my diet to a strict high protein and drink 1.5-2 gals of water a day.My typical meal plan is as follows.

    morning breakfast

    2 whole eggs
    6-8 egg whites
    40-50 grams of carb example oats
    240 grams of green veg

    meals 2-3-4 are similar
    6 oz protein like chicken breast,tuna,venison,lean steak etc
    40-50 grams carb
    240 grams green veg

    meals 5-6 are the same,but i cut the carbs out

    sometimes i will swap a meal out with a maximum one protein shake a day if i just can't eat anymore or if i'm sick of eating plain bland ****.

    1.5-2 gals water

    my stats are-

    37 yo male
    close to 6ft
    havent tested body fat,but i'm guessing high teens.I'll include a picture from last night you be the judge.

    Btw,my trainer is against orals and suggested not to do them and go with test and some others.I had already bought the stuff so i said **** it and i'm doing it.

    I'll be doing 20 mg sten a day
    40mg epi a day for a week and then go to 60mg for the following 5 weeks

    I am on dose 4 of m sten now the 5th tonight after workout.I decided to add epi after i took 1 does of sten and i won't have it until tomorrow so i'll report on that.

    1st dose of sten i took at night after workout and i felt like tony montana wired up late a lil tingly warm woke up the next morning and was sooo tired i had to take c4 just to have enough energy to eat and leave my house.

    2nd dose-felt great for an hr or two then crashed didn't wanna eat it was tough.I forced myself to the gym and felt great.I didn't notice any pump or effects.Once i got home it was weird my whole body pumped hard and stayed that way for awhile.

    3rd dose last night wired me felt like superman just crisp and full of energy and just wanted to lift and go 160 on a motorcycle or something.I woke up and felt like i got wasted the night before slight head ache and just ****ty.I was like **** me.15 mins later i felt good really weird,but i was happy about that.Then took dose 4.

    #4 felt great all day this morning i had a girl over and i had a raging boner you could drive spikes with and really prolonged sex by a solid 20 mins.
    its suppose to have the opposite effect,but its not for me i havent been that aroused for a long time and i am extremely sexually functional can go multiple times so i was impressed i hope it lasts.I also experienced my first pump from sten not trying to be graphic but after intercourse she wanted it rubbed out on her face because i couldn't get off for some reason and she was dying.Anyways,no joke my right arm looked double the size of my left.I couldn't believe it just from that pumped rock hard and huge.I won't go on doses anymore,but a daily log i just wanted to get caught up until now.Heading to the gym for legs i'll report after.

    Btw i have an addicting personality and with the exception of spotting sleepiness i like and i wish i could take one every three hrs.probably not a good thing.

  2. I can't get a photo to upload i might need help with that.Would be appreciated.

  3. I think u have to get ur post count up before u can upload photos
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  4. It will let me post the photo is the wrong format or something.

  5. in!! taking Epi-A soon myself
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  6. So last night my stamina def went up.I was able to do more reps and it took a lot of sets to get close to burning out.I felt stronger alert and focused.This morning i woke up feeling normal,no more hung over feeling.By mid day My whole body just feels pumped and rock hard.I shoveled my deck off and i thought my skin was gonna bust in my tri's.I haven't really experienced side effects so i decided to go to 30mg of sten a day..I just took the 2nd of the day and i'm heading to the gym.I feel awesome.Epi Andros in so i'll introduce that this evening.Libido is actually raging.I will say my body responds to everything different than most.For instance if my dad takes a hydro codone he passes out if i was to i would be wired.My chemistry is just different.I'm also "add" and i am more focused than ever.

  7. I felt good all day yesterday.I walk around with pump all day and then hardly have any in the gym its really weird.I would say pump was normal while working out.I didn't notice any stength gains,but stamina is up.I was about burnt out on a set and then got six more.My trainer was like wtf i've never seen that before.He doesn't know i'm taking **** yet lol.Hes a body builder and educated and rather intelligent so i imagine its gonna be figured out pretty quick.


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