Violators Beastdrol/Epi-strong Bridge log w/pics

  1. Cool Violators Beastdrol/Epi-strong Bridge log w/pics

    I've been watching the other logs on this and have already run an hdrol cycle that I ended up going up to 100mgs the last week. PCT went great and kept about 6lbs of muscle after all was said and done. I read this board everyday and love this site so I figured when I run my cycle starting on Nov. 22nd and log it. I'm going to start pre loading milk thistle in a week or so and I havnt been drinking very much lately. I am on my phone now so I will weight myself when I get home and get bf % in the morning.

    Figured id give you guys a little background on myself if your interested.
    I am 25yrs old and I have been working out and lifting weights since I was about 17 years old and even when I was a little kid about 9yrs old I used to sneak in my grandads basement and benchpress before I even knew what it was I was doing. I've just always enjoyed lifting, I don't like the way I feel when I stop doing it for a month or 2 but usually I've always ended up stopping for awhile then coming back to it, not making as much progress as I should have.

    I'm going with Beastdrol 20/20/20/0/0/0 and Epi 0/0/45/45/45. All kinda depends on how I feel though.

    I used nolva with hdrol so I was thinking 40/20/20/20/20 but maybe use Clomid also? Not shure I want the sides. Along with Hcgenerate? I have some inhibit-e also.

    I will be back to add stats and eventually add before pics

  2. clomid and hcgenerate, that's the core of my pct... if you add anything to that, add an anti-estrogen.
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  3. I'll be following along!

  4. subbed!

  5. This weekend I will get my stats and everything. I am going to start taking milk thistle Tuesday until cycle which then ill use cycle assist. My question is, is it ok to use anadraulic state gt on cycle? With that AI and resveratrol in there?

  6. I see that we can't post logs here anymore. Could someone move it for me maybe? Thanks if you can. If not I will copy and paste

  7. I believe is best not to take caffiene or a AI while on cycle..but don't quote me on that

  8. I have learned on here to try to and save supps such as AI and creatine for pct, when you will need it most. But, if you are anything like me, the cycle you are doing is going to create some lethargy from time to time. And the only way I have found to battle that is caffiene.

  9. True, I def got lethargy bad at the end of my hdrol cycle but it seemed to differ from day to day. I should get my milk thistle today and start taking it now. I hope Asgt will help with lethargy when I need it, I have some purple wrath also but almost out. I am still trying to get in top form before I start the cycle and its going well. I have some pudge but that's because I'm bulking and can't always eat as clean as I want cuz $$ but I Never eat fast food! It messes my stomach up anyways usually.

    I am currently taking :
    Casein Protein 45g every night unless I eat a big meal before bed then I take it in the morning
    Fish oil 4-5g a day
    Digestive enzymes to help break down all this food on my bulk
    Zma before bed
    Super b complex vitamins
    Vitamin D 4000 daily
    And starting today Milk thistle

  10. And so it starts! Today is my 3rd day on the beast and so far everything is going good. I had a hell of a workout the first day I took it I had a lot of energy. My gf bought me a dipping belt and lifting belt yesterday as a gift lol but I am interested to see how much I can do pull ups with it, I can do 25 pounds now for 3 sets of 4. I also got sustain alpha lv to use during cycle for the boys and hopefully help with lethargy too. 3 days on 3 days off I've read for on cycle. I will take measurements tonight.

  11. doesn't taking ZMA and cassein protein at night totally make the ZMA worthless? it is my understanding that taking ZMA with calcium means your body will choose the calucium and ignore the ZMA. I've always wondered how to deal with this issue... I love taking ZMA for the crazy ass dreams but I also hate waking up starving!

  12. kill that sheet bro!

  13. I have learned on here that the sustain alpha might work better in your pct. Superdrol and epi do not aromatize to estrogen. So an AI will is not needed. I think Dermacrine or Androhard would be a better choice. Something that gives you a test base effect.


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