Epi cycle to bridge SD time to get shredded and JACKED

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  1. Epi cycle to bridge SD time to get shredded and JACKED

    I already started the epistane and am on day 4 so I'll start the log monday at day 7 with the workouts, side effects (good/bad) and overall weight gain and progress. My initial goal is to recomp with the epistane than add some lean bulk at the end with the SD. Total of 5 weeks

    Past experience:
    SD, Pplex, Winstrol, Winztrol

    On cycle support:
    Liver Detox
    Red yeast rice w/ coq10
    Hawthorne heart

    all on cycle support
    Animal stak 2
    Nolva- 40/20/20/20
    anything i'm missing?

    current stats:
    bench- 315x3 (easy)
    Leg Press-8 plates each sidex8 (stay away from squats now w/ knee surgery)
    Smith Shoulder press- 225x8

    bench- 350x3
    Leg press- 10 plates each sidex8
    Smith shoulder press- 275x8 (these weights are all goals i'd like to reach in 6 weeks or by end of PCT but we'll see)

    REAL pumped for this, cant wait to toss in the SD. Diet is all healthy foods right now, mostly protein at roughly 2300-2500 cals a day to cut a little bit. When SD is added it will be 3000 cals+ a day. Hope you guys enjoy, give me some input on my PCT then.

  2. I added M-Drol to the end of my Epi cycle and it was a good addition. I am interested to see how your cycle turns out. I definately suggest adding some taurine and fish oil to your on cycle supplements. Your Nolva dosages look good, but I typically taper down from 40mg day 1, 30mg day 2, 20mg day 3-7 and continue 20mg week 2 & 3. Then I taper down to 10mg for week 4, but that is a personal preference that has worked for me, but your dosages look fine as well.

    Best of luck with the cycle and keep us updated on the status. Any before/after pics going to be taken/posted?

  3. I can try the pics if I can figure out how to work my crappy camera phone

  4. I just picked up some p5p to take throughout cycle and pct to make sure no prolactin gyno ever happens.

    This is day 6, havent noticed much yet, muscles feel a little bit tighter about an hour or so after dosing epi but nothing major to report yet, will start to report stats, changes etc.. on monday. Also just got my mdrol today but i'm waitin to start that until week 3 of my epi

  5. hey turugby did some research is this a better first cycle? epi 10mg first 2 days, 20mg next 5 week 2and 3 30 mg, week 4 40mg.of course i will preload with a1 cycle support, milk thistle,and hawthorne.use taurine throughout if neede. pct cycle support, have nolva on hand or do i need it? animal stak. heard i can just take formadrol for pct, do know about this or no. also when should i start laking liver support?

  6. Today was day 8 of the epi, no major changes yet. Weight is up .5lb, appetite seems about the same. I did notice alot more drive in the gym today and was motivated to push myself at the bench.

    Todays workout
    Bench Press-10,6,6,4,8(ill explain),10
    Close grip-6,6,6

    Cable crossovers-15,15,20
    35each arm all sets
    One arm rope pressdown-8,8,8
    40 all sets

    Pec Dec- 8,8,8
    Abs- Vsits (40), Russian twists (40), Rocky 4's (15), Swiss ball weighted crunch (40), Side bends w/ 45lb plate (15)
    3 total sets

    Now to explain that 315 for 8...I asked some guy in the gym to spot me, pretty big guy figured he knew how to spot, told him I wanted to get 4. He said ok and had his hands under the bar the whole time so rather than correct him mid stream of my set I just cranked out 8. But wat the hell, learn how to spot correctly!

    On a side note, I am starting to notice my upper abs a lil bit more now, don't know if its the epi tho. Can't wait next week I toss in the mdrol!

  7. rikbear looks good, i'd have nolva on hand, but you prob wont need it. For the liver support I'd start to take it a few days prior to the epistane so your liver is at full strength when you start the cycle.

  8. day 9
    Nothing noticeable today, really hopin this kicks in soon. Appetite was about the same. I'm thinking about buying dcp/lx/lr to stack w/ this to burn some fat as part of the recomp what do you guys think??

    I'll work out some upper back and lats on friday w/ chest
    workout today
    Cable rows-8,8,8
    Wide grip cable rows-8,8,8
    Close grip straight bar cable rows-8,8,8
    Rope cable rows- 8,8,8
    Cable rows from lower pulley w/ rope-8,8,8

    same as yesterday

    any opinions about adding the dcp/lr/lx combo for cutting up?

  9. woops forgot weights
    Cable rows-200,240,260
    Wide grip cable rows-180,200,220
    Close grip straight bar cable rows-200,240,260
    Rope cable rows- 280,200,220
    Cable rows from lower pulley w/ rope-100 (highest this stack went)

  10. I also did lat pulldowns but on this machine my gym has that has two pulleys, one for each hand. I like to stick my chest out arch my back and really flex my inner back on the contraction. The dual pulleys allows me to pull it farther back than a normal lat bar so it really hits the middle of my back nicely.
    50,60,60 (each hand)

  11. any opinions about tossing in dcp/leanxtreme/levithian???

  12. Quote Originally Posted by TURUGBY View Post
    any opinions about tossing in dcp/leanxtreme/levithian???
    Don't do it until week 3 of PCT at least. Lean Xtreme controls cortisol which won't be an issue until around week 3 of PCT. I would also not try to cut weight as your pct begins.

  13. so maybe wait a week or two after i'm completely done w/ pct for a slow cut?

  14. day 10 (sorry passed out early so updating now)
    No workout today, off day. Mild back pumps, appetite the same. Nothing different to report yet, hope it kicks in soon.

  15. day 11
    FINALLY KICKED IN!!!! FINALLY!!! Had a great workout today and set a PR on leg press! this looks like the start of a beautiful friendship

    Leg Press
    4 plates (each side)x8,5x8, 6x8, 7x8, 8x8, 9x6, 10!!!x3 (PR)
    *felt like a champ filled up the whole bottom row +2 on top*
    1 legged leg press
    3 plates(each side) x8,3x8,3x8

    Lying cable curl (weight is for each arm)
    50x8,60x8,60x8 (also a PR)
    Standing one arm cable curl
    DB hammer Curl
    Machine preacher curl
    170x8, 185x8, 200x8

    I wouldve done more for legs but I was pretty pumped and feelin burned.

    Strength: WOO HOO! startin to get stronger for sure, this stuff must be workin now a side note i noticed i started to feel angry at the weights so aggression must be up

    Size: weighed in at 207 this afternoon but I did eat a breakfast about 4 earlier plus a snack 2 hours earlier (starting weight 203lb)

    Body fat: still the same, stomach measurin at a steady 33.75", according to the navy tape measure formula i'm about 13.5%

    Libido: same, no boosts but also no drops (keep fingers crossed)
    Negative sides: minor back pumps, nothin bad at all yet tho

    Can't wait till tomorrow, big bench day baby!

  16. I'm going to prob only update BF% every several days as day to day it wont make a difference

  17. O another side note, out of curiousity I measured my arms flexed this morning, up .5" from about 4 weeks ago, sittin at 17.5"

  18. Good measurements. My arms hit 17" cold after my p-plex/tren run. They are down to 16.75" but I have also dropped around 15lbs since then so not too bad.

    How are the rest of the sides for you?

  19. Nice man! Glad it finally started kickin in. I'm looking forward for the chest/bench day. Sounds like its going to be up. This is making me anxious to start my cycle after this cut! Whatever it ends up being.
    Keep up the good work!

  20. thanks for the encouragement guys! as far as sides, all i'm getting so far is some mild back pumps, nothin serious tho and libido is still the same

  21. day 12 morning

    weight: up to 207lbs in the morning (+4lbs)

    I'll update the workout section later this afternoon after I hit the gym

  22. workout: was sorta shoddy today, was coaching powerlifting at the same time so did I light Chest day and some light biceps (just felt like it, and my bis werent sore in the slightest)

    225x10, 255x6, 295x6, 315x3, 335x2, 225x7
    Rack Bench
    315x4, 315x4, 365x4, 365x4, 365x4
    Dumbbell curl
    Arnold concentration curl
    Concentration curl

    strength: seemed a little bit stronger but nothing to crazy yet. Aggression seems a little up and I have a feel good mood throughout the day.

    Libido: defn up! poppin random woods like im in puberty lol

    Sides: got my first backne today, only one pimple but im totally pimple-less all over so that means something. Also very minor lower back pumps today. Only 3 days till SD CANT WAIT!

  23. day 13
    off day, nothing special to report. Played some rugby, layed down some pain thats about it. some minor back pumps everything else same as day 12, only 2 days till SD!!!

  24. day 14
    Ate pretty dirty this weekend, it was my moms bday so bday cake, cookies, tons of food. I'll be back on track on monday for sure tho. Nothing new to report, off day from gym.

  25. day 15
    Got up early this morning for work (530am). Took my first dose of epi and SD when waking, will take dose 2 at 5pm an hour before the gym. Weighed in at 210.5lb (+7.5lbs) today, partly b/c of the big weekend of food.


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