Volte for BUFFS!!!!

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  1. count mine, good luck

  2. I voted for the sexy piece of mangina....

    oh that was you.. LOL

  3. HMMMMM...... HAHAHA

    Thanks man Thanks all of you keep the voting coming!!!

  4. just got another vote, your up 14 now. Hell yeah!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by buffhunk29 View Post
    Hey guys i am posting this link asking for you to vote for me for this contest i entered for the chance to be a model for this clothing line!
    **** and Chick Diezel Contestants
    There is the link vote now!!!! Thanks all!! Make sure you vote for Heath!!!!!!thats me!!

    Be back soon in orlando bad internet connection! Flying back tomorrow!!

    Talk to you all soon!!!
    ok homie- I voted for you!!
    Dirk Tanis, BA, MSci
    Chief Operating Officer, Applied Nutriceuticals

  6. Ah Yeah Baby!!!!!

    Keep Em Coming!!!

  7. x3.... looks like you dont even have to wait a full 24 hours

  8. ALRIGHT!!!!


  9. # 47!!! You are in the overall lead

    ...when you get famous, I hope you don't forget the little people!

  10. #50...still got 5 on em!

  11. 1 more time


  13. i been voting at my house and at work, and if im out side doing a service call or something like that i vote from there

  14. Hey Guys Who Voted Once Your Slackin!!!! Our Boy Is Behind By One Vote! Get On It!.... x4

  15. #63...Teresa is up by 2...

    :chick: She is a tad hotter than you are! :bb3:

    Buff, are they going to pick one male and female?

  16. i Cannot Say It Enough You Guys A Freakin Sweet!!!
    I Believe 1 Male One Female! But I Dont Want To Take Any Chances!!!! Let Crush Them!!

    Thanks Again Guys!

  17. all tied up

  18. not any more +1
  19. Talking

    +1 again for buff

  20. You're falling behind BUFF!!!

    83! Teresa has 94???

  21. 95 to 85....lets get the votes up guys!

  22. how did that chicken head pull away
    step it guys

  23. Quote Originally Posted by brass monkey View Post
    how did that chicken head pull away
    step it guys


  24. More Votes Fellaassss!!!!!! +1


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