YG YouTube contest-Inspired by JayHawk

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    YG YouTube contest-Inspired by JayHawk

    Video, Yes AM I said Video.

    Contest is to produce the best YG video plug during a workout.

    Only one RULE!!! The plug has to come out of belief in the supplement not just for the prize. I have to feel your passion and enthusiasm for the results that you are experiencing with YG.

    The plug can not exceed 15 seconds.

    For every quality Video posted, I will donate $10 to the anabolicMinds contest for a Maximum of $1000 dollars CASH. On top of the $1000, We will chose a winner and gift them $1000 in USPlabs supplements!

    Support the board, support USPlabs, and support your supplement habit.

    We must have atleast 10 Videos TOTAL(collectively not individually) for the contest to be valid. You Can post one Video for every workout or just post one video. Your choice!

  2. Holy **** mother****ing **** is un****in real. USP you are the ****in man!

  3. Make sure to post ALL video Submissions

    HERE!!! HERE!!! HERE!!!

  4. That's funny, I was playing around with my cellphone making little video clips talking about Cialabol.. Trust me, when I'm bored nothing's impossible..

  5. Yeah i'm using sock puppets and bubble wrap to amuse myself right now

  6. I did that earlier, that reminds me I should wash my hands..

    Here's my videomail (just spruced it up for the forum) about Cialabol, I sent this message to a friend of mine..

    bigpetefox - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  7. Sweet!


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