Coolest NAME in THE WORLD Contest!!!

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  1. should have read the whole thread, lol.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by poopypants
    NICE!!!! you come over here with the reset of the atomic members?

    We have no where else to go! It was our only home!

  3. Myotrophy

  4. Myotrophy

    Myotrophy is nutrition of muscular tissue. Myotrophy comes from the Greek word "myo" meaning "muscle," and the Greek word "trophe" meaning "nourishment." Put the two words together and you have "muscle nourishment."

    When can I pick up my prize?

  5. MeSwole

  6. Revolution

  7. PRIME or PRIME EFFECT,...... RED ROCK, PERMABUILD, DEATH GRIP (yeah, i know it might not be the best idea to put the word "death" in a supplement name but it hit me anyway), BLACK SWOLE, CAPITAL GAIN, PERPETUAL GAIN, CELL-U-SWELL, PLUTONIUM, CELL NUKE, FALLOUT, T-FURY

  8. Its over

    end it somebody end it please!

  9. chronic anabionic
    chronic bionic
    chronic anabiolic
    chronic nanobionic

  10. how about post some of the names you hate..

    one sticks out for me

    Clout...what the hell is that ?

  11. Where in the heck is my prize? I obviouly had the best name!

  12. clout is a word used for power/influnence.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by refrieddreams
    Where in the heck is my prize? I obviouly had the best name!
    Heres ya prize

  14. Quote Originally Posted by intrepid
    clout is a word used for power/influnence.
    Whats influnence?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by ryano
    Heres ya prize

    I guess I had that coming!

  16. Sorry...this better?

  17. Transformer

  18. Shouldnt this really be locked by now?? Anyone, anyone?....Bueller.

  19. POWERfull, oh my bad you already have that


  20. Organic Molecules the proven choice to being anabolic!!!

  21. Synthesis, the better choice to becoming anabolic!!!

  22. dude... lol you know this is over a year old right??? with regards to a product thats been named and out for a year.... or were you just making sure you didnt miss out?


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