Who's Chasing the Pump?

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    so ive done just a short touch up on agmatine. I think you are reffering to agmatines ability to reduce NOsynthase. that how ever is a good thing as it leads to a bigger pump

    i cant find anything that says agmatine shuts off a pump. to be frank, if it did do something like this, it would have been gone from the market like arginine is for the most part. Yet its in almost every single pump product out there. so again i think there is some confusion here.
    But is agmatine shutting off what citrulline is trying to enhance?

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    But is agmatine shutting off what citrulline is trying to enhance?
    negative.. ive searched on this topic for a couple hours now and cant find any proof. again if there isnt any studies there is no way to know. BTW i would add that, the two are combined in many of the top tier pump products, and several of those have been on the market for some time. if it was better to just take one or the other it surely would have been noticed by now.. Ive been using these 2 together for well over 10 yrs now. i get better effects using both than i do using one or the other.
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