NecroFire: Thermo-Stimulant Fat Burner (DMHA)

  1. NecroFire: Thermo-Stimulant Fat Burner (DMHA)

    INTRODUCING: Necrofire: Thermo Stimulant Fat Burner

    Metabolic Inferno!

    A series of chemical alterations to Necrosis unleashed its stimulant twin. Necrofire's hellish mixture induces a pyrotropic mania fueled by adipose incineration. The carefully crafted formulation of Necrofire utilizes scaled dosing to provide a balance of energy and thermogenesis at varying degrees of intensity:

    1 Pill: Ideal for cognitive, mood, and energy enhancement. Exhibits a moderate level of thermogenesis and lipolytic potential.

    2 Pills: Comparable to preworkout level stimulation. Strong thermogenic behavior and lipolytic potential.

    3 - Pills: NO. Do not exceed two capsules in a 24 hour period.

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  3. Great pwo, afternoon pick me up, or stack it with necrosis!!!
    I'm currently running it 2 caps pwo and love the stuff!!! Definitely gives me a great boost. Or in the afternoon at the office when I'm getting tired i pop one cap and it's perfect to give me a boost to get work done!!

    Great product for a great price!!! Keep up the good work VL

  4. Legit company!

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