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  1. Some really great and very inspiring stories in here!

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  3. When you are surrounded by people, you take particular paths and realise that you are in a bubble / safe haven if you follow the crowd. Changes in personality arise when you take steps to change things up and follow different paths.
    When I was overweight, I had real difficulties when I began to exercise and do something about it. I just followed the masses and began to run…because I thought that is what everyone else did! With no experience and/or talent whatsoever, I began to run for 60 minutes every day whilst at work. The running session was split in two, 30 minutes in the AM and 30 minutes at lunchtime. I worked in an expanded complex so running outside was easy.

    I remember the first runs as if it was yesterday. I had knee pain, mobility issues with my with my hips and the soreness at the end of some days left me questioning if it was all worth it. Perseverance was the key here, I started to see results after a short time. I had no concept of diet structure and was essentially making it up as I went along which made me feel really good.

    There wasn’t anyone else who was getting up at 5am, there wasn’t anyone else who was running in the rain, snow and wind, there wasn’t anyone else who literally crawled into bed in the evening. It was all down to ME. Fast forward six months, I dropped most of the weight I was looking to get rid of.

    Having the ability to do this, lit a fire inside of me. It made me want to find other avenues where I could prove myself and deep down I know that I have the ability to apply this mind set to any walk of life, whether that be further fitness goals or career moves.

    As an individual, you have to realise that if you want something, it is always there for the taking. Unless you are fortunate, there is no such thing as reward without effort. It was not all plain sailing for me, I had days where I had real difficulty keeping my composure and sat on the brink of complete collapse, questioning whether or not the effort I was making was going to be worth it.
    Some days I did fall of the wagon and binged, however I made sure that the next week would be full of effort and a rededication to the task at hand. People need to realise that temporary lapses can be crucial to building character and self-discipline. My mind is clear now and now level of disappointment or failure will be able to derail me from this path that I have developed for myself.

    This period of loss was some years ago, however I have to the thankful for what it helped me develop within. In BJJ, I have lost some fights which I really thought I should have been winning, whether that be from lack of effort on my part of lack of skill/preparation. I always make that point of congratulating my opponent and shaking the hands of any opposing team representative. It gives me an opportunity to wind down after the fights and I being respectful is such a huge part of the discipline.

    This being said, I always know that I have the ability to get back on the mats after losing and put that effort in with my team to prepare for the next fight. Some people will never have this opportunity and I have seen friends of mine take defeats extremely badly, leave the sport and never return. If I ever feel this way, I remind myself of a quote I read some years ago.

    “There is no losing, when you have already won”

    I won years ago, I conquered demons. Anything else that comes my way is a bonus.

  4. As 2017 has come to an end, and 2018 has started let's keep these stories coming.
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  5. Opening this thread up again for stories.

    To Clarify:
    1. Submit a Story
    2. Your story will get read on Bodybuilding Nerds Radio Podcast
    3. Receive a 180 - Day Supply (Yes, 3 months supply) of AZOTH completely free (shipping included).
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Euclides View Post
    Opening this thread up again for stories.

    To Clarify:
    1. Submit a Story
    2. Your story will get read on Bodybuilding Nerds Radio Podcast
    3. Receive a 180 - Day Supply (Yes, 3 months supply) of AZOTH completely free (shipping included).
    Great idea brother. I am really keen to see some inspiring stories on this thread. It would be great to come together and establish how others Get Sh*t done.
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  7. I am a alcoholic. it took me 5 tries to get it right. if it is something that needs to be done keep at it till you get it right.

    1-13-09 will be 21 years sober.

    let me be perfectly clear, If I can do it you can too.

    on a side note, If you drink please do not drive...

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