NootropiMax Profile Contest and Logging Opportunity

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  1. NootropiMax Profile Contest and Logging Opportunity

    At long last, Performax Labs is proud to unveil the formula for our Nootropic supplement, NootropiMax. We could just post up the label, but where’s the fun in that?

    In the spirit of a supplement designed to take your cognitive capabilities to the next level, we’re going to encourage you to think a little here, but don’t worry, you will be rewarded for it. Every day we will reveal an ingredient in the formula, or, more specifically, we will tell you the dose of the ingredient and give you a hint at what it is, and you will have to tell us what you think that ingredient is. The first person to correctly guess the ingredient, and standardization if applicable, will receive a free bottle of NootropiMax to log! Since there are 10 ingredients in NootropiMax, that means 10 days of revealing the formula, and 10 free bottles of NootropiMax!

    Before you start guessing, let’s talk a little more about NootropiMax. More than simply a collection of random ingredients, the ingredients in NootropiMax work together, often in a synergistic manner (and we’re not just throwing “synergy” around as a buzzword) to optimize focus and mood, improve memory and concentration, and increase attention and cognitive health. We’re not just saying that, and the supplement facts speak for themselves, as NootropiMax has a fully disclosed label packed with research-supported ingredients and doses. We had several beta-logs here on Anabolic Minds, but we are thrilled to say that as we got feedback, and used NootropiMax ourselves, we were able to improve on the formula and create an even more effective cognitive catalyst!

    Rules for the Contest:
    -Winners must be 18 years or older and reside in the United States.
    -Only 1 guess per person per day.
    -The name of the ingredient must be spelled correctly, and the standardization must also be correctly included and spelled correctly, if applicable.
    -Winners must log the bottle of NootropiMax they receive.

    Put on your thinking hats and let’s get started!

    Day 1
    Ingredient 1 has been shown to improve memory consolidation, learning rate, and other aspects of cognitive functions in healthy human subjects. Animal studies have shown that it can significantly increase dendritic length, intersections, and branching points in the brain.
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  2. In for this

  3. I'm not participating but I want to see the answer.

  4. Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Huperzine-A ??

  5. Quote Originally Posted by n3rd View Post
    Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Huperzine-A ??
    If you want a chance at winning, you only get one guess per day. Do you want to pick one of those as your guess for the day?

  6. Bacopa monnieri
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  7. Great opportunity here, get on it guys!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  8. Gotu Kola

  9. This will be fun!

  10. Starting another log for Vasomax tomorrow so out on this one but I love games so gonna follow along and play at home. I think I know the first one though
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  11. BaCognize (Bacopa monnieri) (whole herb) (standardized for 45% bacosides measured by UV-vis) 300 mg
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  12. In for this. I have no idea what this profile is either.
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  13. Great guesses so far

  14. noopept

  15. Not applying but really interested... Getting older sucks and improving cognition and memory is always good

  16. Citicoline (Cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine)

  17. Bacopa monnieri 300mg with 55% bacoside standardization/content

  18. Bacopa monniera 300 mg 50% bacoside

  19. 150mg of Standardized Extract of Bacopa monnieri (Bacognize®)
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  20. Im lookin at 300 mg of Bacopa monnieri standardized to 55% bacosides as well hahaha some real investigators on here

  21. Huperzine-a?
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  22. Morning bump for some more guesses.

  23. Ingredient 1 and the first winner will be announced later today! In the meantime, here are your hints for Ingredient 2:

    -250mg per serving

    Ingredient 2 has been shown to improve attention and increase psychomotor speed in healthy young subjects, and has also been shown to increase alpha oscillations in healthy subjects after a single dose.

  24. Theacrine 250mgs
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  25. L-theanine


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