D3x the "Savage" - Cannibal Ferox review and log

  1. D3x the "Savage" - Cannibal Ferox review and log

    I just got some CnP Cannibal Ferox preworkout. Super excited to try this tonight for deadlift day. Will post more as this progresses tho. Flavor is pineapple Express.Name:  IMG_20180607_132152418.jpeg
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  2. So just finished my workout. I had mixed a half scoop with 12oz water to assess tolerance/cuz of this being a first late night gyming in recent times. The taste wasn't great, but lacked any medicinal notes like some others I've tried. Moderate pineapple flavor and it dissolved entirely with no emulsion of grit.

    Effect was a fairly subtle energy, but I noticed going from bring yawning tired to fairly alert. About 20min after consumption felt minor tingling on the tips of my ears and cheeks(likely beta alanine) and went at my deadlifts.
    4x255(switched to alternate grip back and forth after failing with over a
    I do want to comment that the last 3 sets weren't planned. My grip failed but I wanted to do more cuz I knew I could do better.. Despite not being stimmed out from ferox I felt very aggressive tonight. Much more than usual, but not sure why. Could be ferox.. could be unrelated.. there was some dude doing sets of curls over by the db rack that kept eyeballing me during my sets. I'm not an aggressive guy but I wanted to go hit him in the face.. sadly I settled for turning around after each set and staring back at him till he looked away.. he left by the last set tho.. idk.. was fun.. lol.. I'mma do a full scoop tomorrow night stay tuned.

  3. Sorry I haven't updated in a lil bit, if anyone is watchin.. had some stuff come up over the weekend I had to deal with at work, but am back gyming now.. although I've caught the illness the others at work had.. so I did a full scoop of ferox today pre-gym. Taste was a bit improved over the half scoop. Still mixes extremely well with no grit on the bottom or suspended in the liquid as I drank it. Took about 20min to feel. About the same amount of beta alanine tingles. Again this wasn't so much of the stimmed out hyper lifting mode.. it was clean aggressive energy.. it let me hammer out a decent workout despite body aches, chills, and sore throat. It surprised me tbh cuz I did not feel like lifting today at all..

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