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    This probably isn't worth posting, but I'm thinking a rep might feel it deserves passing back to C&P for discussion at least.

    Been using Cannibal Alpha PCT for the first time and, overall, I'm pretty happy with it. Would buy again. Except... I came across some info recently that DAA can cause prolactin levels to rise. High P is something I've had before and am dealing with again now. When I think back, it does seem to fit that my P levels cause problems when I take DAA.

    This time it's worse than before and Inhibit-P hasn't quite been enough, so I stopped the Cannibal Alpha after 2.5 weeks and things have been much better. Any chance of C&P doing Alpha without DAA? Not sure what would work best as a replacement though.


  2. I have the same issue with DAA... causes me massive prolactin problems (and took forever for me to figure out what was doing it ha). There are lots of other PCT products out there as good, or better than alpha tho IMO. PM me if you want some recommendations tho as I don't want to recommend other products in the C&P forum
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  3. Yeah, I may have to switch to something else. Seen lots of recommendations on here.

    I've felt pretty good on Alpha, so I don't want people to think I'm hating on it. But DAA is clearly something I have to avoid.

  4. Alpha PCT contains NMDA. Does that have the same negative effects on you as regular DAA?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jp_x_type View Post
    Alpha PCT contains NMDA. Does that have the same negative effects on you as regular DAA?
    Seems to.

    Next cycle won't be til February or March, but I may consider running DAA/NMDA for a week or two again before then and testing levels.



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