Hey , i'm new here....!

    I actually wanted to ask a question about bulking up....
    Let me tell u my previous bulking up stage..
    My body type is endomorph.... So, i used to be fat.
    few months ago probably about 4 months ago.. i started hitting gym (as a normal guy). Doing light weights and then coming into heavy... and at just a month, i bulked really fast (without protein shakes , powder etc).. my bulk up was natural without supplements . I was at caloric surplus eating rice, chicken , fish, beans etc. Except sugar (i mean i wasn't eating extra sugar.. i used to eat fruits)....
    And u could say it was a rough bulk up having hight amount of fats in my body.. . but it was ok for me as i just wanted to be bulked up.. so after 2 months... i joined kick boxing, doing high interval trainings, i.e running etc.. i used to run about 15-20 mins there and there was other exercises too.. now the main thing... as i joined kick boxing my body started to look skinny type... and i started to loose some weight... and then, my body again got more and more thinner... my chest, arms , shoulders which used to be wide, broad , big.. everything was just gone.. then i decided to leave this kickboxing after a month.. i just went there for a month. And my whole achievements were just gone...

    Then , i started again going to gym only... and now... i can't bulk up as i used to do before.. i mean not at the rate as i used to do before.... it has been almost been 2-3 months and i haven't seen any change in my body (to bulk up). I eat as i used to (caloric surplus).. but i'm not bulking up...
    Should i give it more time??. Or is it because of the fact that i used to be a little bit fat before and due to my fat body i bulked up fast before? ..
    Now that i have lost weight.. having low fat body.. is it beacause of my low fat body that i'm not bulking up fast?? ..
    And my weight is 85 kilogram..
    Well.. my weight has increased about 5 kilograms since leaving kick boxing.
    But my body is the same. I can't see any changes and i don't think that i have become fat..i'm just the same as i left the boxing.. but have increased 5 kilograms. Maybe muscle weight??.

    And i know that we have to give alot of time to see changes.. not like that u could see any change just in 2 months.. but my main problem is that why did i bulked up so easily before kickboxing, in just a month.. my chest became bigger, shoulders wider, biceps bigger (all in a month, max 2 months)..
    So if i had a change like that so easily (before kickboxing).. why can't i do it now.??? Why does my muscles do not grow fast as they used to..?? .
    And more thing..... is eating sugar like from chocolates etc.. helps in bulking up??.

    My goal is just to bulk up.. doesn't matter to be a clean bulk up or just a rough one.

  2. Hey bro,

    Not gonna lie but struggling a bit to make sense of your post but if I’ve read it right.

    - you used to be fat
    - you’ve presumably lost some of that fat?
    - you started going to the gym 4 months ago
    - you added lots of weight quickly but lots was fat?
    - you started kickboxing and lost weight
    - you didn’t want to lose weight so you stopped kickboxing
    - in the 2 months since you gained 5 kg’s (10lbs) but can’t see a change?
    - you want to be Big

    That about right?

    If so this is my advice......

    1) track all your food intake so you know how many calories and what macro split you consume
    2) ensure the above has at least 2.5g protein (if not more) per kg of body weight.
    3) hire a personal trainer - make sure he gives you a program focused on compound lifts using free weights (and shows you good form)
    4) start kicking a few times a week again (the cardiovascular benefits are worth it and it won’t stop someone at your level bulking)
    5) be consistent and put some time in, your new to training so you can add muscle (and even lose fat) quicker in the early days but 5 kgs in 2 months is not muscle bro. You should be aiming to gain 2 kilos a month max (after a year that drops to about 1) - more than that is probably just fat.

    Finally, if your body weight percentage is above 15% at the moment then lose some more fat before you bulk anyway.

  3. You really wouldst put on that much fat eating rice, chicken, beans, etc. How much fat you gain will always be depending on the quality of the food and the amount of calories in. Theres is no magic to it I swear. Slight adjustments because everyone is different but its not much.

    Your total time getting back into training is shorter than what I would tell someone to seriously look at for a "bulk" time frame. Your better just doing a recomp and looking to shed BF and continuing to add lean muscle. You still pretty fresh getting back into a rhythm and if you keep bouncing back and forth in to modes of exercise then you wont look like much honestly. If oyu want to bulk that EAT and get big. Give your body what it needs to grow. You can still to your kickboxing and cardio with it. If you want to lose fat but try and gain some strength just be consistent with you workout regime and watch you calories in and out more closely.

    Dont make it too complicated. It really just seems like you went from one thing to another expecting results that didn't follow the training or diet.
    Current Log:

  4. Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you're overcomplicating things a bit. Can you give us a rundown of your current training schedule (days per week, appx. reps and sets, etc.)?

    Also, are you tracking your food intake? I wouldn't stress out too much about fluctuation in body weight over short periods of time. The long term will gain or loss is more important. If you can give us some more info on diet and training we'll be able to give better advice.

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