Bulking on cycle help

  1. Bulking on cycle help

    Hey guys,

    So I started my first cycle about 19 days ago. Test E 250mg Monday and Thursday. Gonna go somewhere between 12-15 weeks depending on how im feeling at that time. Ive gained around 8 pounds so far which I can only assume is water weight since the test hasn't really kicked in yet. I am taking an AI so that should be keeping the water weight controlled. Anyways....
    My question is how much of a caloric surplus should I be in on a clean bulk to maximize gains. Im currently staying in a 200-250 caloric surplus. I know that everyone is different and reacts differently according to body type, metabolism, etc. I just don't feel like im eating enough, but I am in a surplus. What are your thoughts on the subject? Thank you

  2. It'll kick in maybe week 4 so wait. I think your gains seems good already so keep it up

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