How many of you believe in no junk food while bulking? How many of you are IIFYM?

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    Absolutely. See my posts above. I think there is nothing wrong with one giving themselves 10-20% of their calories to free food. I personally think it helps keep sanity.
    10% is really not a lot, as you already pointed out. For people that don't make money by doing this I think it's pointless to be so stuck up regarding food. You wanna eat healthy? Grow your own chickens and broccoli Offcourse if having a strickt eye on your diet is your "thing" that fills up that hole in your life (soul) and makes your days have a meaning than I don't see anything wrong with it.

    Joking aside, I can not ever consume 3k+ kcal's of clean bro foods on a bulk for longer than a week. Just don't have the appetite for it. Even with stuff like MK it doesn't help much.

    I guess it comes down a lot to how much stress you have in life, how much quality sleep you get and how burned out you are. If I would work less and sleep better my appetite would probably be better. And there is also the point that as of now, I have a life outside the gym and preping food and thinking about what I am going to eat all day every day is just not possible - nor do I really want for my life to revolve so much arround food... I think about it to much as it is. So for me, getting in the kcal's on a bulk is the primary goal. I have an eye on macros but just to the extent that I eat enough proteins and not to much simple carbs and bad fat... But this is all prety loose. On a cut things change though. Then I start eating clean, as otherwise it's just needlesly painful.

    Oh and getting by without a blender would also be painful

  2. Throughout my current bulk, I found a mix of both to be good. I do IIFYM, mostly eat clean food, but still have a fair share of "dirty" food day to day. My meals consist of protein shakes, a single poptart (not the whole 2-pack), eggs, cheese, peanut butter, fruit, lunch sandwich, rice, potatoes (varying from red, white, sweet) and protein bars. Since 12/4 I have gained 5lbs and my waist has remained the same. I started off in a 300 calorie surplus, upped to 400, now i'm at 500 because weight gain has stopped/slowed.

    Point being.. I really think calories are calories. My fiance follows the same regimen, except she's reverse dieting at the moment, and is also seeing results. Definitely a believer in IIFYM, but it's no excuse to eat junk all the time.

    Maybe this has already been said - just wanted to throw my 2c out there though.

  3. During my bulk i have just started if im having simple sugars i will just train in the evening and have them after training or within a couple hours along with dinner that night. I crave biscuits etc late at night anyway so it suits me perfectly. Your body's insulin sensitivity is primed after training so fat gain would be negligible if anything.

    My fats are all healthy though or as healthy as they can be.. i dont believe in having a ton of bad fats in general when the fats that are my favourites are mostly healthy.. I love nut butters ie almond butter etc.. I make mashed avacado with chicken and just use that for sandwiches etc.. Easy to get good fats in. Your gonna collect the odd bad fat here and thier but as long as it isnt trans-fat your fine.

    With carbs.. EVERY carb is converted to the same. Glucose in the blood. From chocolate to sweet potato. Its just broken down and absorbed at different rates. Obviously they both can be 60 grams of carbs in each say but the micronutrients (Which are important also) are different big time between the two but balance is key. If you incorporate a GDA you can minimise the insulin spike even with high glycemic foods. I always add cinnamon to oats etc as it doea help slow absorption (Glucose meter tests). Its an extra cost ofcourse but if you want to test them out its worth getting one. My body responds well to Chromium Picolinate also (Tested)

    Play around with meals so *clean* foods aren't as boring.. Season meats. Get some reduced salt & sugar ketchup etc.
    I eat alot of 0% fat Greek Yoghurts.. On thier own they taste not nice at all. I have been throwing in 15 grams of 100% cocoa solids & a stevia sweetener (About an extra 35 calories) i can eat that Yoghurt alllllllll day. On its own? I struggle to enjoy it. Quality protein source.. Good calories for the portion also. So tweaking foods can be a game changer. Cocoa is one of the healthiest foods thier is aswell. People link it to chocolate (Bars etc) thinking it's in the same category. Wrong. Fibre content is brilliant and also full of anti-oxidants.

    I download'd a podcast yesterday of reverse diet'n and starting a bulk after a cut and how it affects peoples mentality.. The main concept that concerns everyone is going from being so lean to a little fluffier. The podcast was about 4-5 fitness guru's (Am sure we have all heard of) and they were saying pro's and con's of it all and also the diet aspect of things.. What i gathered was people were overshooting calories based on old maintenance calories previously and thats when the fat gains would appear quicker.. If you get to your new maintenance and be clever about it and just add 200-300 extra calories above. Yes you will see a little more fluff but it will be over a long period of time and then your metabolism will increase and your body will stabalise. Im up in Scotland so its not the time of year for getting the t-shirt off so i dont mind the extra fat but i am still being conservative about it. Im never gonna compete i just want to look good and feel good also.

    So all in all.. Do what suits your lifestyle? Eat 100% clean? Brilliant! Eat very flexible.. Brilliant! We only live once so having a balance is a better life in general



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