12 weeks out from competition

  1. 12 weeks out from competition

    What is your go to performance enhancement supps 12 weeks to day of competition. Been doing natural shows off and on... But I need to be able to compete with the big dogs and need advice?

  2. This is a moderate dosed 16 week cycle. By doing 16 instead of 12 you won’t need a kickstart oral as there is plenty of toxicity as it stands

    Week 1-14 375mg/week test e
    Week 14-16-200mg/week test e
    Week 1-16 250mg/week tren e
    Week 10-16 500mg/week mast
    Week 14-16 20mg/day halotestin

    Most will cycle t3 and Clen throughout. Gw 501516 is also worth mentioning for fat loss and endurance to offset the tren. All ancillaries should be Incldued (caber on hand for prolactin) and an AI to manage e2. Nolvadex on hand to combat Gyno flair ups.

    You can also do something like test deca Winny, test eq Winny. A lot of people like using anadrol or superdrol to help with glycogen retention towards the end to fill out. Really though, if you’re inexperienced a cycle of test and mast or test and Winny would do you justice.

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