Azoth 2.0 and Fats

When you are considering taking Azoth as part of your regime, make sure you are prepared and ready to use the product to its full potential….by reading my below blurb….!

Having used Azoth extensively and during dieting phases of extremely high fat (Keto) and a regular High Protein, Moderate Carb, Moderate fat diet arrangement, I am in a good position to comment. Azoth comes with an encouragement that you should consume 3 capsules in conjunction with a quantity of healthy fats.

Let’s get to the point…..
I have cycled a high fat Ketogenic style diet for some time. It benefits me, it gives me a chance to use my body to the maximum benefit and gives me a rest from potentially over consuming carbohydrates. Throughout my most recent Keto cycle, I was using Azoth regularly, particularly when carrying out physical activity.

Cards on the table, there was a marked difference when on Keto. I found that I had absolute brain clarity. My thoughts were clear and I was completely focused on any of the tasks that I had scheduled for that day. The clarity came on extremely quick and certainly didn’t trickle down in stages. It was on me and flicked the switch within minutes. I found that I could avoid looking for that elusive morning coffee that is so popular and replaced it with my Azoth serving.

For clarity, my fat consumption was based around MCT Oil, Coconut Oil and derivatives of each. I found that they worked best for me, however would not discount the multitude of other fat options out there while on a ketogenic diet.
In direct comparison and when off Keto, I got exactly the same feelings of clarity, however it did not seem to be active as quick when on Keto. My fat intake became minimal when off Keto and focused more upon a high protein / low carbohydrate approach. My carbohydrate intake centred on steel cut Oats, Wholegrain rice and vegetables. The effects of Azoth were exactly the same with the subtle difference that it began to active around ten to fifteen minutes after consumption when off Keto.

Trial and error with Azoth is very important as it will allow development of your own approach to use Azoth to its absolute full potential. There are thousands of users around now as our popularity grows, please engage regarding usage/protocols and indeed combination with other stimulants so we can narrow it down to the perfect dosage.

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