Mesomorph - Mixed and turned brown...

  1. Mesomorph - Mixed and turned brown...

    I am guessing the heat in my apartment got to my Mesomorph or something.. When mixed its now a dark brown color.. the powder was extremely clumpy. I would guess moisture but there shouldn't be any where I store it.. and it still has moisture packets inside..

    Is it still safe to take?

  2. yeah thats how mine is.even when i first opened it. has it always been this way? or did u leave it in the heat for a while and it changed colors? im sure its fine.

  3. Nope.. its been in my cabinet where all my other supplements are. It was not always like that.

  4. I have the new watermelon flavor and it always mixes light pink . I wouldn't use it if it were brown or clumpy.
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  5. Mine is the grape flavor. I am just guessing but I'd say the heat/moisture is what did it.

  6. mine is grape and its supposed to be brown. i have some clumps but not alot and i use it

  7. Mine was more purple.. now its a really dark brown.. lol

  8. Yeah it happens with the Meso sometimes when stored in the warm weather.. Sometimes when they are shipped to customers they are not taken in right away and put in the store. Some stores keep it in the warehouse for a few days or longer before they take it inside.. As far as it being safe, yes it is safe to take. I have personally taken meso (in the clump form) lol a few times and it worked just as good! I have noticed that the majority of the ones that clump is grape. Not sure why but I have seen it more often with grape then the other 2 flavors. Other than that it is perfectly fine to take if there are some clumps in it.

  9. Sounds good.. I actually took it last night.. taste was a little different but still worked well.. thanks for the input guys

  10. yeah it tastes a bit different, but hey, it still works great lol if i can take shots of the original NO Shotgun, i can handle meso

  11. You are a brave man!


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