Rosie's [Mini] Review of Mesomorph

  1. Rosie's [Mini] Review of Mesomorph

    Mesomorph has been getting a lot of attention, mostly because of the Creatine Nitrate in its ingredient profile. It is definitely a product that Sean has been interested in trying for a long time, and eventually I just got him a tub. A tub that sat in the cupboard (he was using it) until Monday before I used a scoop. Yes, I was not tempted to use it, despite the great feedback I've seen on it and Sean's raving on about how much he loves it. Honestly, since I started using Assault at the start of the year, I have had NO interest in trying any other preworkout product, because Assault meets my needs, especially since I do NOT have to stack myriad stimulants alongside it for daily function (which I have had to do in the past). However, I finally agreed to use a SINGLE SCOOP of Mesomorph as a favour to someone, so that I can say I have used it and comment on my experience with it.

    What is it?

    * No upset stomach or bloating!
    * Alpha-Male aggression.
    * Endless endurance.
    * Most comprehensive Thermo-energy matrix ever put in a pre-workout powder.
    * Skin-splitting vascularity and insane pumps!
    * Maximize Strength, Stamina, & Recovery!
    * Eliminate Lactic Acid & Toxins!
    * Boost Immunity & Eliminate Free Radicals with Optimal Antioxidant Delivery!

    For more information on the product, please review APS :: Mesomorph.

    Smell: Tropical Punch flavoured Mesomorph smells fruity, but with a hint of something else.

    Taste: I did NOT like the taste at all. Unpleasant, but not the worst tasting supplement I have used. Nothing like Tropical Punch - the taste was actually a shock to me, and I drank it FAST.

    Solubility: On shaking there was no trace of the powder and no clumps or excess was left in the water or on the bottom of the shaker.

    Texture: Like fruit juice diluted with water.

    Aggression: Actually, my aggression was not as high as the week before, where I was easily aggravated and training only served to bring it out more instead of calm me. During training I was relatively relaxed, if tired. I went through a full spectrum of emotion on the day I used Mesomorph, though, pre AND post-training.

    Endurance and Stamina: After the weekend and the way my body was feeling, I was dreading training on Monday. However, once I started training, my body responded and got me through. My HIIT was explosive, after the lacklustre HIIT of the week prior. Endurance throughout training was back to being great.

    Thermogenesis: This was no different than usual.

    Vascularity: This was excellent, and definitely more noticeable now that I have a tan.

    Pumps: I had excellent pumps, which is normal anyways, since I did a Full-Body session.

    Strength: The resistance session I did after using Mesomorph was NOT about strength.

    Recovery: I was still sore from Saturday when I started my resistance training. Legs were suffering a little, but by the end of my session I was ok and the pain was not as noticeable. Energy lasted throughout the day, which was interesting, considering I have been faltering after my training over the last week.

    Immune System: I can't really comment here.

    Other Effects: ~10 minutes after dosing Mesomorph I started shaking, like shivering when I am extremely cold, which was odd, a reaction likely caused by the stimulants in it, given that I have not used anything more than the 150-300mg of caffeine a day (from Assault usage) since the start of the year. The shakes lasted for ~20-30 minutes. The only other effect I experienced was strong Beta-Alanine tingles. No bloating or upset stomach either (the stomach issues I have been experiencing over the last two days I have been dealing with on and off for the last few months and has nothing to do with Mesomorph).

    Overall: I only used a single scoop of Mesomorph once, which is not enough to give an overall score, and I would need to have used it for a prolonged period of time to give a real evaluation on it. However, I WILL note something interesting - the day that I used Mesomorph I was great re energy, but on Tuesday I had barely any energy, and this went into Wednesday. On Tuesday I actually cut my training short because of the way I was feeling, something very rare for me to do, and as I mentioned on Tuesday, "I feel like I used to feel if I hadn't been using stimulants for a day or so back when I was heavily dependent on them to function, almost like I have CRASHED BIG time, and I don't understand it!" and I wonder if this was an effect from having used Mesomorph, the Geranium in it, if it did not possibly affect me until later. Like I said, interesting - and something that would need prolonged use to determine if because of Mesomorph or not.

    Would I use again? No - however, that is not because of the formula or that the product is ineffective, but for personal reasons. Using the one scoop that I did was only as a favour for those who have been wanting me to use Mesomorph, and I actually dragged my feet to do this, since using Assault and having that work for me, I have been reluctant to use anything that has strong stimulants in it, because I have an addictive personality, and with my stimulant abuse history, know how easy it would be for me to go back to that, and I don't want to.

    Would I recommend? Mesomorph's formula is solid. It's either a product you will love or hate, use or not use, depending on your goals and needs and other individual factors (like with me).
    Writer Athlete Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  2. I felt the same with it Rosie!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by raulob72 View Post
    I felt the same with it Rosie!!
    The same what? If you are referring to the shaking, that is NOT a normal response for me to Geranium (or stimulants in general), which I found odd, but it could have been possible due to the fact that I have been pretty much without them for ~5 months. If you are referring to the "crash" I experienced, that's not normal either, and I'm not even sure it was from the Mesomorph, but you can understand why I don't want to start using stimulants again.

    Writer Athlete Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

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