Honest Nitrozene Feedback

  1. Honest Nitrozene Feedback

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been using Nitrozene preworkout for about 10 days now. I am taking 5 to 6 caps preworkout..The pumps have been AMAZING. My vascualrity has not been as good but that has more to do with my diet right now. I cant imaagine how I will look when I am lean and taking this product..Thank you APS..

    BTW, I would like to add that I have a very bad stomach for those of you that can relate..ie, I have acid reflux bad, for years (I take prescription meds for this already) and nasty heartburn when I ingest the wrong food or supplement. I also had surgery a couple of months ago for another gastro issue. Anyway, alot of supps bother my reflux, but I would like to add that I have zero problems with Nitrozene, zero. Thank you..and no I am not affiliated with APS..

    I just got T100 and will be trying that down the road and will post honest feedback on that as well..

  2. Thanks for the honest feedback SuppJunkie!

    Ever try 8 caps pre-workout yet? I love it, best combo I've tried is the Meso/CN/Nitrozine, holy pumps and vascularity!

    Looking forward to your Testalensis 100 feedback
    Core Nutritionals Representative

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