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  1. Antaeus Labs Thunderbolt Feedback

    We at Antaeus Labs are always looking for your feedback on our products so we can continue to improve them and design products for you all. If you have tried our newest product, Thunderbolt, feel free to post your feedback here. If you have any questions about Thunderbolt, shoot me a PM and I'll be more than happy to help out any way I can. Thank you all for your love and support over the years.
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  2. just ordered mine at nutraplanets intro-sale price!! not bad IMO. i will give review as soon as i get a week into it. can't wait!!

  3. so i just got my bottle in and was wondering, do i need to load first? i wont get to the gym till tues and today is Sunday. should i start taking now or wit till gym day?

  4. Thunderbolt is not a product you have to load, just take it on training day.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by cdiblasi View Post
    Thunderbolt is not a product you have to load, just take it on training day.
    ok thanks

  6. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    if taken with 250/500mg agmatine the effects seem synergistic and the feeling and fullness is terribly spectacular. This is important because agmatine lost its effect on me with anything less than a gram.
    "insert catchy title" AL thunderbolt log sponsored -

    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere3
    First two days with this and I can definitely say it is the most effective supplement for pumps that I've ever used, and I've tried a lot of them. Pumps and vascularity are ridiculous and almost painful. Feels like I'm on cycle even tho I'm not. We'll see if this translates to gains but so far I love it.
    Antaeus Thunderbolt -

    Quote Originally Posted by schizm
    I've been quite impressed with AL's Thunderbolt, which is a pump product...
    pump supplement for fasted training -

    Quote Originally Posted by brenthebdog
    After my first two lifts on Thunderbolt the most noticeable effect in the gym is thermogenesis, and [what I've noticed when] running is a more efficient CO2/O2 exchange and lactate threshold.
    By the beard of Zeus! Antaeus Labs Thunderbolt Log -

    Quote Originally Posted by dsade
    Thunderbolt is amazingly potent. I have added this to my essential preworkout stack.
    Quote Originally Posted by brenthebdog
    On shoulder and arm days are where Thunderbolt has been absolutely noticeable, within the first few sets I've been getting red, hot, and swole while not feeling any increase in perceived work capacity in calorie deficit training.

    So far I'm about halfway through the bottle and my opinion is that this is absolutely the best pump product I've ever tried; it beats the **** out of Agmatine, Citrulline and GPLC, which are great in their own right. Thunderbolt is awesome for weight training and I would chose this over a stim-cocktail preworkout powder.
    Quote Originally Posted by brenthebdog
    So far Thunderbolt is delivering on it's claims, novel ingredients that give and incredible pump.
    By the beard of Zeus! Antaeus Labs Thunderbolt Log - - Page 2

    Quote Originally Posted by fast00
    so far it is a quality product
    Im a bit surprised with this
    Pumps are deff there and they motivate me to push harder
    Quote Originally Posted by fast00
    Vascularity has increased and pumps are great actually i still need to cut back on some bf but so far solid product
    Quote Originally Posted by fast00
    im loving the vascularity increase and the pump after only 1 set
    Quote Originally Posted by fast00
    i must add i been loading up on power carbs along with this to aid its great
    i actually been getting stretch marks on my arms recently
    I dont attribute it fully to this but that pump probably did have something to do with it along with the hard work i been putting into the gym Forum

    Quote Originally Posted by fame126
    they smell bad!! almost like an old wet sock Forum

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Cooper69
    I tried to assess it as objectively as I could after a single use.


    The pumps during the initial phase of my workout were not particularly improved over my usual pumps, and indeed, on a set by set basis, I didn't notice a profound pump spawning from one set or another. What I did notice was that once the pump was achieved, it did not dissipate in between sets as it often does due to my long rest periods. It really seemed to linger as a "constant" pumped-up feeling, which was evidenced by the fact that I still felt unusually full roughly 15 minutes after completing my session. This is a kind of cool effect. I've seen it before with nitrates and to a lesser degree agmatine, but this puts Thunderbolt in pretty "special" territory in this aspect.



    I'm not sure how many people will take Thunderbolt for improved performance, but this was the most stand-out feature to me. I breathed much easier between sets and I put up more weight than usual with a general lack of fatiguability. I wouldn't take this too far: I did 1-2 more reps than usual, but that's pretty good for a 1-time use.


    I'd really like to emphasize that all of this is after a single use. This means that it could have been a variety of factors contributing to the above phenomenon. I train fasted, so one factor to rule out is preworkout diet. I think my final review after 30 full uses will be a lot more telling, and I may even take blood pressure readings before and after consumption to see if that lands us anywhere, objectively speaking.

    So far though, Thunderbolt has outperformed most any "pump" product I've tried in 2 areas:

    1. Sustaining the pump (about equal to nitrates)
    2. Improving performance (also about equal to nitrates, but without the tachypnea/dyspnea that nitrates sometimes give me)
    Antaeus Labs Thunderbolt - Initial Impression - Forums

    Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT
    I used this stuff yesterday. Very different type of pump IMO. It was not the acute crazy AAS type of pump. It was like a mind muscle connection along with great contractions that then led to a full muscle pump. Hard to explain but i enjoyed it a lot. Really helped me feel the muscle working.
    Antaeus Labs new product Thunderbolt

    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah
    Day 1

    thunderbolt is no joke.. arms are quivering right now and i only did two supersets for bis/tris. intense pump during warm ups, which is similar to what i felt on arachodonic acid.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah
    Day 2

    awesome leg workout. pumps were pretty crazy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah
    Day 3

    had the most insane workout to date. no lie, this was, without a doubt, the best workout ive ever had.. i want to take credit away from thunderbolt, but even when i was training like a bodybuilder, i never had pumps like this.. EPIC, agmatine, alpha mass, x gels, etc.... this was the greatest workout to date... went full retard and felt like i could keep going and going and going.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah
    meal timing seems to be a big component. im having good results by eating a high protein, moderate carb meal 1 hour before taking thunderbolt, which i take 30 minutes before i train.

    The only thing i can compare thunderbolt is to double the dose of my favorite preworkout supplement lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah
    anyone thats using hormones should strongly consider thunderbolt for their PCT.*
    *Not as PCT.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah
    just 40 minutes of fasted cardio... i recall some people stating that thunderbolt makes cardio exponentially easier.. i noticed that for the first time this morning. last meal i ate was around 8pm yesterday... woke up and did cardio on a completely empty stomach and i wasnt dragging ass... was pushing the same pace as normal..
    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah
    forgot to mention that my vasuclarity was off the charts yesterday... biceps veins were very prominent throughout the workout.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah
    Day 6

    thunderbolt is 110% legit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah
    love this stuff.
    Sponsored Thunderbolt Log!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by brenthebdog
    The pump keeps on getting better the more I train with Thunderbolt. For upper body and arms it is phenomenal, for legs it's pretty good, and for running and cardio it's not very noticeable. Forum

    Quote Originally Posted by shadowsyl2012
    Day twenty two

    Thunderbolt is definitely behind the endurance factor of pushing up the weights and then maxing out set numbers on it. It's goddamn ridiculous, I have never increased my weight sets like this and powered out through multiple sets... It isn't even like it's something I am really pushing on myself, I feel like I can do it. Then I do it.

    Love this ****, pump is crazy, endurance is awesome, no bp headaches... Excellent addition to any run.

    Quote Originally Posted by g0hardorgohome
    I have really enjoyed Thunderbolt. It's easily the best pump product on the market. It has been a great addition to my PCT. Pumps have been as good as they were on cycle.

    Antaeus Labs haven't made me disappointed yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by andrewjx
    I used Thunderbolt preworkout on training days, 3 caps a day 15-30 minutes before my workouts. I noticed a few things immediately: better vasodilation and endurance were noticed immediately. If caffeine/preworkout is added it increases the Thunderbolt/vasodilating effects. As you continue to use this product it will increase in effectiveness. The pumps come on very quickly and last for hours after the gym. This is a great pump product and as always AL is producing quality products for the market.

    Endurance (extra reps)
    Mentally more alpha because pumped longer (for me).

    Suggested dosing on off days can be a challenge if not working out 4+ days a week.
    Quote Originally Posted by andrewjx View Post
    I picked up a bottle and the endurance effects are starting to blow me away. Honestly I feel unbelievable after my workout and consistently have to say 'okay you've done enough go home.'

  7. Quote Originally Posted by WarMachine
    Pumps Like Thunder!!! Lightning Bolt Vascularity!!!

    At last, the final review from my recently completed log.

    Thunderbolt is Antaeus Lab's new Nitric Oxide product designed to give you outstanding pumps, reduce fatigue, and improve muscle circulation-nutrient delivery.

    So does it work? Well, allow me to delve into my experience with this interesting product...

    Taste (N/A): The caps are average sized, easy to swallow, and tasteless. The only thing I would note here is that there is a slightly odd aroma that comes from the bottle. The aroma is not overpowering at all nor is it horrendous, just not something you'd expect.

    Profile: Thunderbolt contains four ingredients including....

    L-Arginine Butyrate 1,500 mg **
    S-Nitrosoglutathione 10 mg **
    Kallidinogenase 175 IU **
    Copper (as Copper L-Asparate) 1 mg **

    Aside of the copper, the three other ingredients I had actually never heard of before including this particular form of arginine. From my research, this is what I've gathered about these particular ingredients as following.

    L-Arginine Butyrate: This form of arginine is said to activate the nitric oxide pathway and act as an inhibitor to an enzyme known as histone deacetylase. Histone deacetylase is actually of class of enzymes invovled in DNA structuring. While these enzymes o have some normal roles in the body, these enzymes have been linked to both cancer and neuro-degenerative diseases. Inhibiting these enzymes is said to be an effective preventative measure.

    -In the context of bodybuilding, inhibition of these enzymes allows for the increased up-regulation of the activin-binding protein follistatin. Follistatin has been demonstrated in some studies to inhibit the activity of myostatin, a negative regulator of muscular growth. In essence, increased follistatin can potentially encourage increased muscular hypertrophy through myostatin inhibition and increased cellular proliferation.

    S-Nitrosoglutathione (GSNO): This compound is said to mediate the cellular signalling effects of nitric oxide and is also a bioavailable source of nitric oxide in general. GSNO's mechanism of action is quite complex. To summarize it to the best of my knowledge, in addition to providing a source of NO itself, it also serves to protect the NO molecule's moiety. Moiety is a term used to describe a particular chemical structure's functional group. By protecting these functional groups, NO molecules are able to remain more bio-available and exhibit their actions more efficiently. GSNO has also been shown to have neuroprotective and anti-oxidant properties. The addition of copper is believed to compliment GSNO's benefits.

    Kallidinogenase: This is a naturally occurring human enzyme that also acts as a peripheral vasodialator agent. Its mechanism of action includes its effects on a receptor called the Bradykinin B2 receptor. Activation of this receptor increases blood flow to both muscles and vital organs including the brain. This receptor also mediates anabolic activity via gene expression. Kallidigenase itself also converts into bradykinin, which is involved in glucose uptake and blood circulation.

    Talk about a science

    Usage: The use of Thunderbolt is very simple. Pop three caps 25 minutes before your workout and your good to go. Antaeus labs notes that you can take this [with] a pre-workout, but I wasn't using a PWO at the time because I wanted to assess thunderbolt's benefits independently.

    Effectiveness (9): Oh man, this stuff was absolutely pumpalicious!!! The pumps and vascularity I got from Thunderbolt alone were astounding. Within one week on, I noticed incredible muscle fullness and a good reduction in fatigue as well. During my high volume supersets is when the pump was most substantial. In terms of vascularity, I noticed plenty of veins popping out of my arms, some on my chest and shoulders, neck, and a good amount on my legs as well. I looked like one of those demo mannequins you see in a phlebotomy training school. Once my log with condense and slinshot is complete and after Ramadan, I am going to try thunderbolt again this time with a pre-workout. In closing, thunderbolt gets the job done.

    As a side note, I gave it a 9 as opposed to a 10 because, thunderbolt is only the second primary standalone NO supplement that I've used next to Allmax's hemagnovol. With all of the NO pills out there, I think there is still plenty of room for comparisons.

    Side effects: The only side effect from this was an increase in urination. The ingredients in thunderbolt were noted to have diuretic effects. Therefore, ensure you keep your fluid intake high with electrolytes to prevent dehydration.

    Value (9): The average price I've found for Thunderbolt is 35-38 dollars. For the results and efficacy thunderbolt gives, this price is pretty fair.

    Overall (9): Thunderbolt gets a solid 9 overall. I would've given it a 10, but as I stated, I lack experience with standalone NO products, so more comparisons can be made with future experience. Other than this, thunderbolt will give you outstanding pumps and definitive vascularity when you train intensely and diet properly. The last thing I will say is....



    Incredible Pumps
    Superb Vascularity
    Increased Energy
    Good Value

    Pills Have An Odd Aroma
    Thunderbolt Reviews (Antaeus Labs)

  8. Quote Originally Posted by andrewjx View Post
    I picked up a bottle and the endurance effects are starting to blow me away. Honestly I feel unbelievable after my workout and consistently have to say 'okay you've done enough go home.'

    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah View Post
    just past the halfway mark on thunderbolt and this may be one of the most perfect supplements ive ever taken.

    Pumps: 10/10

    stack with 500mgs agmatine and be prepared to be blown away. as a standalone on 3 caps, this **** delivers, no questions asked. the last time i had pumps like these was back in 2012 when i was logging alpha bullk/mass/test. seriously, thunderbolt during post cycle therapy would do wonders to keep motivation going strong. the pumps come fast and they last several hours following the workout. i literally feel like im "on" something.

    Vascularity: 10/10

    vascularity on thunderbolt is amazing. i am currently fluctuating around 225-228lbs, yet have the same vascularity as i did when i was weighing around 205lbs.. my veins become extremely pronounced once i start warming up and by the time i get near the end of my workouts, i can feel the blood pulsing through. damn it feels good to be fat and have veins running up and down your arms. good ****.

    Strength: 8/10

    i cant attribute all the strength gains thus far to thunderbolt, but my rep PRs keep climbing and climbing. i hit a massive Personal Record on machine military presses despite my lack of sleep this week. i am going to love thunderbolt during a bulk.

    Endurance: 10/10

    this is where thunderbolt shines. even when i was eating lower calories, i felt like i could keep going and going and going and going. i have to kick myself out of the gym because my workouts keep getting longer. no matter what i do to annihilate my muscles, they keep wanting more.

    if thunderbolt continues to deliver these results until the end of this log, ill be a happy man. cant wait to stock up on this ****.
    Sponsored Thunderbolt Log!!! - Page 2

    Quote Originally Posted by brenthebdog View Post
    Without any doubt I can say that Thunderbolt works...
    ...this is a pump product that works exceptionally well!
    By the beard of Zeus! Antaeus Labs Thunderbolt Log - - Page 2

  9. I used one bottle of Thunderbolt as a part of my PCT protocol after being on for several months (Nolva, Clomid, SUP3R PCT and STR3NGTH was what I was using for PCT).

    Pumps were just as good as they were on cycle so Thunderbolt is definitely a real deal.

    EDIT: Sorry, henryv had already linked my log/review here!
    Life is nothing but big macs and hoes.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by spinyvegeta
    I would like to thank cmac and Antaeus Labs for the chance to try out their new pump product. I was just coming off a hard cut with low carbs so I didn't know what to expect.

    The 1st week I was getting great vascularity but little to no pump. Had me bewildered but now I know it was my body getting acclimated back into a surplus of carbs. Once that happened, the effects were very noticeable.

    I took my dose 20 to 30 mins before training and it started on my 1st lift. Huge pumps were common but not painful ones. I could feel that blood flow had greatly increased. I blew up but never to the point of uncomfort. Starting this week I had to lower carbs again to around 100 grams but my pumps stayed the same.

    I even started skipping using Thunderbolt on my leg days because of the size they took on. I would give this product a 9 out of 10. Great product to help with training and growing.
    Final Review - Antaeus Labs Thunderbolt

    Quote Originally Posted by BigCatDaddy
    I'm on online retailer and also own a local gym that carries Antaeus products. After reading these reviews I thought what the hell and popped open a bottle to try for myself so I knew if I should recommend it to customers or not. It did not disappoint. Did shoulders with traps today and the pump was so great that it was sort of painful,, but in that good painful sort of way. Great stuff that I look forward to sharing with my members.

    Quote Originally Posted by brenthebdog
    First off, I do want to mention that I tried Thunderbolt as a sponsored log courtesy of cdiblasi. Secondly, I want to mention that I will absolutely be buying this as a part of my permanent supp stack, because works!

    As far as value goes Thunderbolt is great, 34.95 plus shipping on Lockout Supplements or Nutraplanet. Considering that L-Arginine Butyrate and kallidinogenase are very rare and esoteric ingredients that I have only found mentioned in PubMed articles about muscular dystrophy, lymphoid malignancies choroidal blood flow, and laboratory induced ischemia; they present a very innovative way to get a savage pump at the gym! Thunderbolt is capable of holding it's own as a standalone pump based pre-workout, but I used it in conjunction with MusclePharm's new version of Assault with the nitrate bonded ingredients. With the cocktail of Thunderbolt (taken 25min before lifting) and the Assault taken about 15-10 min before lifting I had the best upper body pumps I've ever had from athletic supplements. That being said, there was the side effect of Thunderbolt super potentiating the beta alanine in the Assualt and feeling like my elbows and ears had acid poured on them.

    Now, where this product shines is upper body lift days, the pump you get in your arms and shoulders is epic! Fatigue thresholds go up on lifts, strength goes up, and personally I felt like my joints were less susceptible to injury due to increased blood flow and were warmer much faster than usual. I even felt like I could work abs and core much harder than usual while taking Thunderbolt due to the sensation of feeling warmer and less fatigue over the duration of a lifting session.
    Being that I'm a trail runner and have been steadily increasing my milelage to train for ultrarunning I am always looking for a supplement that can help with fatigue resistance. However, Thunderbolt did let me down in this capacity. Anyone who has ever rock climbed before and has felt their forearms crap out on them, just imagine this feeling in your calves after about 3 miles.

    My final thought on Thunderbolt is that it is the real deal when it comes to an innovative pump product. We've all tried arginine, arginine akg, l-citrulline, GPLC, agmatine sulfate and every other possible NO precursor with the hope that it is "the best" pump product. As far as I'm concerned this one is the best I've tried and can't be beat by anything else on the market.
    Thunderbolt (90 Caps) Reviews -

    Quote Originally Posted by Gridybrah
    most intense pumps ever.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Morefyah View Post
    [You could] throw in some Antaeus "thunderbolt" which I have found to be the best non hormonal pump product on the market.

  12. Have a log running here:
    Quick dosing question: (and my apologies if it's been answered before)

    Can I dose Thunderbolt then 25 minutes later take karbolyn, or any other high gi carb drink, then lift?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by The Engineer View Post
    Have a log running here:
    Quick dosing question: (and my apologies if it's been answered before)

    Can I dose Thunderbolt then 25 minutes later take karbolyn, or any other high gi carb drink, then lift?
    Based on some user's feedback med-high carb-diets are more satisfactory/noticeable for pumps. That should be fine (though i personally would do it the other way around; i.e. drink shake before taking thunderbolt).

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Bry17 View Post
    Based on some user's feedback med-high carb-diets are more satisfactory/noticeable for pumps. That should be fine (though i personally would do it the other way around; i.e. drink shake before taking thunderbolt).
    I am on a medium carb diet, but I simply save most of my carbs for the evening while keeping some for pre/post. The first portion of my day is protein and fat.

    I thought of drinking the carb drink after thunderbolt because it needs to be dosed on an empty stomach.

  15. I agree with above... you can do it that way but I think you would notice more from Thunderbolt if you had the Karbolyn about 45 minutes to an hour or so before Thunderbolt.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  16. Gotta say thunderbolt delivers as promised! Can't wait to pair up with the new fat burner you guys have coming out.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by dsseven View Post
    Gotta say thunderbolt delivers as promised! Can't wait to pair up with the new fat burner you guys have coming out.
    Thank you, I'm a big fan of Thunderbolt as well. Our fat burner should be top-notch when it hits the market and I'm very excited to hear some feedback from you guys.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  18. I just want to say that I am one of those guys that never really posts, just use the forums more for research etc. But I have to post about thunderbolt.. Plain and simple this stuff is legit.... AMAZING PUMPS!! Planning on picking up a couple bottles of lipomorph too cant wait to see what that does. Thanks Anateus Labs!!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by angcd3 View Post
    I just want to say that I am one of those guys that never really posts, just use the forums more for research etc. But I have to post about thunderbolt.. Plain and simple this stuff is legit.... AMAZING PUMPS!! Planning on picking up a couple bottles of lipomorph too cant wait to see what that does. Thanks Anateus Labs!!
    Thank you. We're glad to see someone else enjoying Thunderbolt LipoMorph shouldn't disappoint either.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  20. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69
    So this is long overdue, mostly because I had been out of the gym for a while and I didn't want to use up the rest of my bottle until I'd given my training adaptations time to normalize to prior baseline levels.

    Without further ado, here's the final review on Thunderbolt.


    The pumps here are fairly unique in that they give you the "filled balloon" feeling in the trained bodyparts without causing symptoms of global hypotension like reflex tachycardia. This is interesting, because most pump products that create this significant of an effect also come with a list of side effects. Whereas this had none. The pumps are second to none, on par with nitrates easily.



    This was an unexpected benefit. Obviously, improved bloodflow can cater towards improved performance, but usually not to this significant of a degree. The main thing I noticed was highly compound endurance movements, i.e. high-rep deadlifts/squats, could be executed with much greater ease. This was also pretty valuable for cardio after training sessions...the exception being the bike, which thanks to the vasodilation provided by this product, gave the quads some inhuman pumps.


    All in all, this is a top notch pump product that doubles up as a performance enhancer.

    Key Features

    1. This should be used continuously. I felt the effects peak about a week into use and stay at that level thereafter.
    2. The timing around the workout didn't seem to be a big deal. 30 minutes prior felt like 1.5 hours prior.
    3. Buy it.

  21. Thanks for the reps! just ordered up some Lipomorph.. cant wait to see what it can do !!

  22. Very interested in this to stack with my other few staples. The feedback seems very positive.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by kisaj View Post
    Very interested in this to stack with my other few staples. The feedback seems very positive.
    I would really encourage you to give it a try. It's one supplement that truly makes for a big difference in your workout.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  24. Quote Originally Posted by PunkRockLifter
    Only 3 days in on thunderbolt. Using it during pct with other sups. I change up my pre's n pump products a lot but I will be adding thunderbolt in as a regular with whatever else I'll be using. Great product with great pump. Best pump I've ever had fer sure. Already recommended it to 4 if my lifter buddies.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Mr Taco
    Yea I have some thunderbolt that I hadn't taken in a few weeks... did some tris with it the other day and felt like I had water balloons in my arms for a little while.
    Quote Originally Posted by frank thomas
    This will be my second bottle. Thunderbolt, besides the pump has a over all good feeling to it and I swear going into a my PCT now it is helping with that too.


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