Protect yourself with BPC-157 from AGEFORCE!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by ValiantThor08 View Post
    How long is the BOGO going to last for?
    If you miss that sale don't sweat it, they basically have a sale going all the time. Bogo, buy 1 get 3, buy 1 get 4 etc. etc. etc.

  2. Another quick update. Ran out of patches and had to wait for 2 weeks for a resupply. But back on them and am now able to curl much heavier weights! Niggling pain still there in each arm but much more manageable and not holding me back anymore!!! So that is a great result! So overall I think they do have a positive effect and will continue their use for at least another month 👍

  3. Nice job.
    Knowledge is power- The power to do your part and make a difference.

  4. My final post on this.

    I actually believe these patches work!
    My forearms are now 95% back to normal!!! It has taken a reasonable amount of time because I believe the injuries were chronic.

    Of note is that I also sprained my wrist last week which was causing a lot of pain to which I promptly applied a patch for a 5 days and injury completely healed!

    So either it contains a form of penetrable BPC-157 as they claim or something else that accelerates healing. Either way it does have a positive effect!


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