HGH PowerPatch vs. HGH Maximize Secretagogue

  1. HGH PowerPatch vs. HGH Maximize Secretagogue

    Been rolling with the HGH PowerPatch since February and have loved it. Due to new job and pay cut, I had to cut a few things in my budget and this was one item. I am really missing it as I have noticed what has been 8 months of great sleep and recovery basically go out the door the past few weeks and I feel like ****.

    Just got an email about the HGH Maximize. Was wondering if anyone has already given this a test drive and/or compared it to the HGH PP?

    I'm looking to jump back on board (I'll figure something else to cut in my budget) but I wanted to get some feedback.



    *Just found all the log. I'z a happy clamper!
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  2. We have a dozen logs most of them being awesome .
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  3. HGH PowerPatch vs. HGH Maximize Secretagogue

    Yea, check out the logs bro. There is nothing but positive feedback on the HGH MAXIMIZE and the power patch
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