S4 Andarine with Nutribol Bulk

  1. S4 Andarine with Nutribol Bulk

    Hey All,

    Iíve just been off a prep cycle and I had great success with SARMS getting down to low fat % and keeping mass. Now I am in the early stages of a Bulk and I am taking Nutribol. Iíve been on it for 7 days.

    Aside from the insane hunger from the ghrelin production, and the water weight, I feel like Iím re-comping in the wrong direction. I have gained crazy weight (20 lbs in 3-4 weeks) and Iím feeling like Iím gaining too fast. My calories are about 300+ maintenance but Iím training 5 days per week and 30 min interval cardio on training days.

    My question is: Do you think running S4 (or any SARMS for that matter) can assist with keeping my bulk cleaner?

    Or if anyone has experience with Nutribol (MK-677), is this just water weight that I will drop? Also: does the hunger dissipate?

    Thanks all

  2. Have you tried S4 before?

  3. I have. I ran it for my last 6 weeks of contest prep. I also ran it alongside Ostarine. Ive had the water weight drop with the S4. but Ive also raise my potassium and water intake. It has helped a bit. but Im still holding water.

  4. Nice work man. Sarms only or alongside test base?

  5. Just Sarms. For the first 2 months I used Ostarine - Loved it. Then went to S4, Ostarine and Cardarine - alongside Clen. Great Sarms experience.

  6. Nice man. Happy for your success. Last question any post cycle therapy protocol?

  7. Thanks! Nope. I have a great SARMS supplier and my bloodwork was top notch.

  8. Awesome. You're the man!

  9. awesome

  10. care to share your supplier? I need a new one that is not a dang arm and a leg since they are still supplements i figured i could ask. sorry mods if not


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