need help with bloodwork

  1. need help with bloodwork

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    my free T is out of range, but total is in. so im a bit confused. is my total T low too, despite being in range?

    also I read that men with E2 lower than 20 pg/ml are at risk for osteoporosis. is my e2 too low? will TRT help get this up?

  2. need more information about you and your cycle history. specifically your age. They will mainly look at your total test for TRT with those numbers almost any doctor would not put you on it.

    honestly its not terrible, not good either. maybe you did a cycle recently and its on its way back up?
    Free test could change throughout the day but it is on the low side. E2 is low, if I'm not mistaken 20-22 is the sweet spot for men.

    Are you taking any sups that might lower E2?

    Could try some BLR Viron to boost free test.
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