44 with shoulder. Injury.

  1. 44 with shoulder. Injury.

    Any PH that could help with the healing process. Want to maintain as much strength as i can. Any help appreciated

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jwilson View Post
    Any PH that could help with the healing process. Want to maintain as much strength as i can. Any help appreciated
    I would go with peptides to aid in the healing process Cjc w/ frag ipamorelin and bpc-157

  3. My last rehab program (adjust weight for your own requirements. Keep it LOW and COMFORTABLE).


    7.5kg dumbbell eggtimers, 6 sec transit up/down, 3 second turnovers (unilateral)

    7.5kg dumbbell paintbrushes (unilateral)

    7.5kg dumbbell static handshake hold

    Raised, seated bodyweight, backwards hand forearm stretch, 30 secs (bilateral), repeat using back of hands, 30 secs

    7.5kg cross-body reaches, with internal twist on eccentric movement at maximum rear extension, 3 seconds per direction, to fatigue (unilateral, includes forearm, pec minor, bicep and shoulder)

    Tennis ball therapy, from shoulder to finger tips, arm crossed under body, with rollover (combines with shoulder)


    10 seconds incline/decline around the world with 2.5kg plate “beer can”, maximum horizontally reverse angle, even across the body (unilateral)

    Upwards 45deg arm extensions holding 2.5kg plate, opening/expanding chest as far as possible, AMRAP (bilateral)

    Upwards 45deg arm extensions holding 2.5kg plate, front-facing, AMRAP (bilateral)

    Palms-down 90deg straight arm static hold, to fatigue (bilateral)

    Back of wrists to lower back, push and hold (bilateral)

    Doorway- forward leaning typewriters, 10 slow

    (Tennis ball therapy with forearm above)

    Back / rhomboids, gluteus:

    Thumbs locked, palms facing down, arm extensions to maximum, shoulders all the way back on eccentric. 10. (bilateral)

    Two-handed, hunch-backed, front-facing 5kg dumbbell lifts with straight arms from waist to behind head and back. Slow, to fatigue. (bilateral)

    Shoulders back, elbows down, wrists up holding 7.5kg dumbbells. Hold until fatigue and keep pushing chest forward. (Bilateral)

    Head extension, tilt and rotation with rigid duck-face. Slow. To fatigue / pain tolerance.

    Tennis ball therapy - lying on your back with bent knees raised, ball in between shoulder blade and spine (unilateral), repeat with arm across body, arm straight up and arm open across the floor. Play with it. Thrust hips forward for additional pressure. Use feet and head to work tennis ball down the spine to coccyx and then across pelvis and gluteus, like a rolling pin. Keep knees bent and roll to the side for gluteus. Repeat other side.
    Bonus: raise head to crunch position and hold, while ball under shoulder blades.
    Note: take as long as you want and breathe through any pain / tightness. Keep pain below 5/10.

    Lying on floor, locked ankles, legs over head and touch the floor, walk the feet out as far as possible behind head and hold.

    Locked-fingers pull-aparts, straight arms, in front of groin. Hold for 30 secs. (bilateral)

    Straight legged, seated full leg/back stretch - grabbing balls of feet.

    Seated yoga pose, grabbing / pulling knees back and staring at the ceiling. Push chest forward as much as possible. Hold for 30.

    Cross-legged hand on opposite knee twists. Hold for 15 per side.

    Standing shoulder-width apart, twist each way and extend arms to maximum, starting low and work upwards through to highest point and back, each twist. 5 sets.

    Arm swings, etc.


  4. as far as root cause goes.. check if you have forward head position.

    (I can’t post links yet)..



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