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Cool mate, on my second day of 45mg a day. Nothing major to report as of yet. I'm up a few pound since I started (500 surplus a day). I'm having great workouts, but I reckon most of thats just a placebo of taking it. Looking forward to the gains end of this week onwards.
  • Bigdaz123 deano2727 Bigdaz123 wrote on deano2727's profile.

Hey mate, I saw your thread on doing an epistane cycle... Im currently on first week of my epistane/11oxo cycle... This is my 2nd cycle... Thought we could keep eachother updated
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how much for speed x?
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Hey man, I've seen you mention several times you like rhodiola quite a bit. What brand do you use? I've been using gaia's for a while now but want to try a different bend. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Where could u get var?? Can't find it
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Hey I saw your post about the height increase and I wanted to ask you, suppose that you do have dimethylicaritin and methylprotodioscin do you know the dosage you should take to increase height and how long to keep using them?
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Hey i read your article about recomp cycles and really enjoyed it. Do you have a reputable site you could refer me to for t3?
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Hey brother, hows everything going? Havent heard from your posts... Cycle going good?
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I would love to log T2 for you I'm currently 210lbs 6'2" low teens bf%. My training is a slightly modified MFT28 program where my off day will be ss cardio this program will allow me to give very detailed information for the log
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Hey I'm looking at running dermatren dermatrest and dymethazi9ne what dose would you recommen?
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Sample please denny szegedy 42090 adelbert st. Elyria , Ohio 44035
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PM box full.
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That would be amazing, sir. On 1st week of formeron; one helluva product you made.
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I just havnt had the extra time to document this. Ill try to get to it at some point.
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Are you able to give a template of your version of DC training. I found it to be an effective program. I'm curious to see how you incorporate your 4 sec negatives, drop sets, and split.
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Sample please. I thought I sent my info but not sure if I did it right.
Matt Webb
12 walnut st #13
Natick,MA 01760
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hey man did your test recover back to normal after the osta? im actually experiencing
suppression and im debating on stopping
my cycle and going straight to a pct? what do you think i should do
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How would you dose the complete spawn stack. I have tudca, dermastrength, ep1c, and nolva with it. Would I need any dermaform? This is my 4th cycle.
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Id like to sample the contraband you advertised on facebook, my info is Ian Campbell 3704 Rogene St. Ft. Worth, TX 76180. Thank you bro
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Whats up bro...just wanted to see if you could answer some questions. Like how did your blood work comeout...did you crash afterward and hard did you go in the gym..been thinking
about taking this stack and would yoy do it or recomend this
Olympus Labs
  • Olympus Labs

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You can check our all natural products such as OSTAR1NE, Dermastrength, EP1C, etc
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Hey what product could I use that has the least side effects? Thanks
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Hey bro sent you a pm a couple days ago wondering if you got it.
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Smoking profile pic Kat!!
Acnezine is the product used for skins and it is right solution for acne or pimples treatment solutions that are prepared from natural ingredients. It is as the best cream that makes your skin acne free from all radicals.
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Yooo clean up ure inbox
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Clear your PM bud!
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Your inbox is ful:)
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When you get time come check me out in my BigRed gets Diabolical with Diabolix log. Could use a pretty face in there!
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Just lifting and trying to balance life and lifting. You?
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whats up clip.
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Hey dude, yeah, I'm 3 weeks into a DMZ/trest cycle and loving it so far! I got my nolva for PCT for this cycle, but I'd be very interested in pills instead of liquid for next time!
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Hey what's up biggie? Have you started your new cycle yet? My friend just hooked me to a website legit I just recently placed a order of nolvadex pills and received it. Just in case you wanted to do pills instead of liquid let me know.
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Sup bro...wanna know some info on the beast and wolverine stack and your pct choice..can you help me out please?
also brother, my goal is to maintain a leaned hard definition year round. I do a total body workout year round. I do this 3 days out of seven. of days include cardio and pull ups and pushups for a hour. what stacking supps. do you recommend. Again I value your professional opinion.
ok. would the x gels be a viable alternative as a proper stacking partner to the compound 20? or is there a arginine related issue there as well. And lastly, not to beat a dead horse. Why do you feel agmatine will be ok for me? I understand that you are not a doctor but I value a educated opinion. thanks
  • Synapsin

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Hey there,Using Agmatine should be okay for you, although if you're honestly worried, don't bother with the agmatine. Piece of mind about your health is more important.
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brother, I was referred to you about a particular issue with citrulline and especially arginine products. the cause my coldsores to break out. I am interested in the many health benefits of agmatine, but is it going to be the same as arginine since i believe its a metabolite of arginine. i am concerned about that. I have tried looking for any lab or clinical studies on this connection but too no avail. any insight would be greatly appreciated. i am a compound 20 user and was considering stacking it with either agmatine, forskolin, or l dopa. agmatine being my first stacking choice. thank in advance. bless
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Please, clear your messages, I want to send you a personal message but you're out of space ! :)
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Hey man, had a few questions for you but your inbox is full.
1 bottle of Nokia will be fine
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Hey sorry i didn't hit you back right away. I wanna gain 5-10 lbs lean. I broke my wrist about a year and a half ago and and i am finally getting my bench back up, but i've plateaued for months, so hopefully 25 back on my bench. (First Ph cycle, I'm not expecting a miracle)

I think I have my cycle set up, after doing some more research. But i was gonna see what you thought

super pct
reduce xt
cycle assist
pct assist
Tamox (Rui Labs)

A friend of mine used rui labs and he liked it and it had fast delivery. I'm a bit confused on the wording of the package though. in a bottle it says 50mL 20mg/mL. Maybe the wording has me paranoid, good dosing is 20/20/10/10. So I will need at least two bottles correct? I really do not wanna play around with pct
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Please Help me out with an MCAT stack. Its my third time taking it and I am desperate to increase my score just by a couple points. Please view my
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hey russianstar, I am probably moving to Russia later this year. will I have a problem bringing some of my stash with me or should i try to sell before I go?
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Clear your inbox bud!
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Thanks for the reps!