Would love to hear your experience on all things peptides/secreatogue/sarm/IGF



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Experience: 10 years AAS use, 2 years Slin, currently adding a little Osta to my blast. I’ll be 40 this year.

I have NEVER used anything else.

I am Recomping for the remainder of Summer and will start an all-out bulk in September.

From what I have read and researched, I want to start adding the following:

- YearRound

- Summer
- Winter
GHRP-6 (appetite and tendon repair)
Slin(amazing stuff as always)
IGF-1 LR3(found a source that appears to be legitimate) -OR- IGF-DES/MGF combo

What have you used that you have seen actual drasticresults from? I already spend enough money on this, GH is out, but I’m starting to really feel that there’s some solid stuff in the peptide/secreatogue/sarm realm that I am missing out on. I’d love to hear feedback on what you feel is a can’t-go-without drug.

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