Unanswered Why am I getting NEW stretch marks on stomach while losing weight?


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I’m on a cut as of right now, running an epi andro cycle only, not stacked with anything else. 750mg a day, so far my stomach has noticeably gone down and strength gone up but somehow I’m getting NEW RED STRETCH MARKS, on my stomach area. I’ve searched but all the other threads I find are about old stretch marks that are now visible because of the weight lose


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They are not new stretch marks. Yu just did not see them when they were stretched. Stretch marks in a newly un-stretched position appear exactly as you have described - this is moreso impacted if your losing more than .5-1lb per week. Keep movign forward, slow weight loss is best to retain muscle and skin elasticity. Drink lots of water. You can also massage the area with stretch mark cream (like Palmers) which will help fade the mark. (For referance, the same thing happens to woman after pregnancy). Keep up the good work...

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